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Protests in Iran – The People’s Story
Special Focus on Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian Woman Accused of Blasphemy
China: Christian held for 10 hours for attending Christmas Eve festivities
Iraq: Mosul Christmas Mass hailed a ‘victory over IS’ as Sunni youth install giant Christmas tree
China: Three Christians detained in coordinated anti-Christmas sting
Evangelicals in liberated Iraqi city celebrating Christmas for the first time
Nigeria’s New Year begins with attacks on Christians
China: Church ordered to stop meeting, property owner held for seven hours
Egypt: state of emergency extended as extremist activity continues
Police, Hindu Extremists Halt Christmas Celebrations in Uttar Pradesh, India
Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Launch More Large-Scale Attacks in Benue State, Nigeria
Reclaiming religious freedom in the UK
IRAQ – Christians fear another wave of persecution
EGYPT – Nine Christians killed in church attack
LAOS – Christians arrested for celebrating Christmas; district official claims “Christianity is the religion of the Europeans and Americans”
NIGERIA – Gunmen murder at least 14 churchgoers returning from New Year midnight services
Fighting in Burma Hits Civilian Areas on Christmas Eve
Fulani Herdsmen Murder Four Christmas Carolers in Nigeria
Teen Sisters Beaten, Tied Up by Family for Following Jesus
Believers Celebrate Christmas in Yangon After 50 Years
Activists Demand Release of Christian Prisoner in Pakistan
Worshipers Prevented a Higher Death Toll During Church Attack
Police in India Injure Eight in Attack on Peaceful Protest
Christian Widow in Eastern Uganda Poisoned on Christmas Day, Sources Say
Hindu Radicals Launch at Least 23 Attacks During 2017 Christmas Season in India
Protests in Iran and the Church’s call for prayer
ISIS: a threat from the past, present, future
China: Officials close church for holding services
Egypt: brothers shot dead ahead of Coptic Christmas
Nigeria: 16 killed after New Year’s Eve church service

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