2018 February

American pastor imprisoned by U.S. 'ally' pleads for prayer
Open Doors asks people to remember the plight of persecuted Christians in North Korea
U.S. pastor subjected to China’s unfair trials
Christians Killed During Gov't Air Raids
Attack on Medical Facilities in Syria Damage Hospital
Rebels in CAR Execute Hospital Patients
Egypt Church Guard Killed by Snipers
Priests Protecting Hospital in India Illegally Charged
Church Leaders in Sudan Fined for Defending Church
Malaysia’s reputation as moderate Muslim nation hangs by a thread
The Christian teenager IS turned into an atheist
Ethiopian Evangelical sent to prison for ‘insulting’ Orthodox Church
UN denies complicity in Central African Republic massacres, but questions remain
Otto Warmbier’s father joins Pence at Olympics to highlight North Korean abuses
Nigerian bishops accuse government of failing to protect citizens from ‘terrorist’ herdsmen
Nigeria: 9 churches burnt down and Christian students attacked as violence continues
China detains religious citizens in communist “re-education centers”
North Korea pre-Olympic military parade “must trigger prayer for the persecuted,” says Release International
Syria’s second city begins long road to recovery
Bomb-damaged Syrian church holds first service in 6 years
Rome’s Colosseum to be floodlit red to remember Asia Bibi and Boko Haram victim
US: Religious freedom ‘most important foreign relations topic’ – Sam Brownback
Europe shows ‘almost sinister’ indifference to persecuted Christianity – bishop
Two priests murdered in Mexico as gang attacks against religious leaders continue
North Carolina resident to stand trial in China on Friday
Bomb at church in Turkey raises alarm
Fiery Ordeal for Pastor, Church, Widower in Jammu and Kashmir State, India
Father Tom releases book about 18 months’ captivity in Yemen
New report finds ‘flicker of hope’ in North Korea
The woman who lost half her face in Cairo church attack

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