What Others Say

We deeply appreciate your kind words …


Your passion for the Lord's work is so powerful!  I wish we all had that same fervor.

You touched on so many things that have been on my heart for our people to be reminded and convicted of.  And you did it so well.  Based on attendance at our 11:30 hour, I know you reached people's hearts even if we're reserved and quiet.  I'm hopeful that the hearts of our younger people were also touched.  Normally, we only draw about 1/2 to 1/3 the size of the audience you had today.

God is definitely using you to build his kingdom and to mobilize an army to reach out to the lost as well as the persecuted Christians in the world.  You are making a difference.                                                                                             


Pastor Wally, we are so extremely appreciative of your ministry and visit to campus.  We truly were privileged and honored to have you and your wife here on campus.  Words can not express the thankfulness we have for how God used your work and service among us during the week of the Missions Conference.  We have heard many excellent responses from the Missions Conference and praise God for how He used the week in so many lives.  Your testimony is powerful and I personally sat speechless after the service of your testimony and the power of God and His faithfulness.  Thank you for sharing this with us and for the testimony of your faith in Christ.                                      

Brother in Christ

Pastor Wally, You have no idea how much we do appreciate this token of complete dedication to the word of God you have exhibited. I've been praying to God that He gives you 100 more years to live in order for you to finish your mission jn life. Thank you Pastor you are like a real blood brother to me. 

Or perhaps more than I love my own brother. Thank you Pastor, If the enemy tries to block all the good plans you have in your` life for God, he is flat out wrong, for he will not succeed, because you have us as your warriors for Christ. We will back you up till the end of time.


I just found your story online, about your persecution in Saudi Arabia.  I was led to pray for Saudi Arabia today and wanted to find more information on the church there.  But the stats of the country say that it is 100% Muslim and this concerned me.  Then I found your story and was so encouraged by your faith.                                                                                         

Sister Marie

     I always enjoy reading reports from Pastor Wally and am so blessed when I do. Pastor Wally's account of his time at the festival really encouraged me. 

     My husband and I are in a motorcycle ministry called H-I-M, Hogs In Ministry. We spend a lot of time at secular motorcycle events and festivals, ministering when we can. I appreciate Pastor Wally's reminder to me, that it is not about me or the ministry, it is about Jesus.  I know this, but it is always good to be reminded.

     Also, the timely reminder to WAKE UP.  Wake up and arise was the message our Pastor's wife taught to the women last night.

     I just want Pastor Wally to know that he ministers and encourages me even through his email updates.

Thank you so much.  In Jesus name


Thank you Pastor Wally for coming to The River Church today.  My wife and I were blessed by how God used you and still continues to use you as His precious instrument.  My wife and I were also convicted as we realized that our content spiritual life is in many ways in contrast to the real spiritual life of God's calling.


I have heard him speak at Aquire the Fire and was really touched by his testimony and would like my youth group to be blessed and informed of his ministry with the persecuted church.


I have visited your website and was much blessed by your ministry.

Washington State

I would love to join the crisis prayer team.  I stumbled upon your website tonight and it brought me to tears.  It was very convicting to see how my brothers and sisters across the world have been persecuted for their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.  I would love to pray for them, and for all of those that don't know Christ as their Savior all over the world


Dear Pastor Wally, My youth group does these voice of the martyrs thing every few weeks and this past week was the first one I have been to (Because I am in 7th grade this year). Anyway we had the chance to see your testimony. I just wanted to say that you are very nice and I want to be like you someday. Serving the Lord. Friend in Christ, Rebecca

This seems like a wonderful way for all Christians to join in prayer for our brothers and sisters in persecution. I plan on learning more about CIC.

I heard Pastor Wally speak at a Resonate confrence in Sebring, FL. He is a terrific speaker,and I thank God for the opprotunity to have heard him and to pray for the Christians in crisis. God bless

I want you to know that I am using your website to pray for the persecuted church in my quiet time. God Bless You. Press on.

Was very moved by Pastor Wally testimony this past week at extreme Camps.
I was in Riyadh at the same time while I was in the Army. I saw the Gallows where he would have been hanged.
Thank the Lord for His sovreign protection of Pastor Wally.

Anna Rodgers
loved pastor wally speaking at extreme camp on July 4,2002. he spoke to my heart

Beny Podea
Hy pastor Wally! This is Beny from Bistrita (Romania)!I hope you are well because I want to see you in April,you and your family. My father send you many greethings.I'll pray for you and John's team that will be with you in Philipins.Have a good time!!! God bless you and your family!!!

Miranda West
I was able to hear, see, and meet Pastor Wally at the V.O.M. conference in Bartelsville, Ok. It was a wonderful blessing.
I was wondering about the tape he showed, if it were for sale and if so what was the name for it. My church and I would really like for someone to come to our church and do a presentation. I am from Louisiana. May God continue to bless you and the works you do in His wonderfull name. God Bless

Hey CIC! I just wanted to say that this is a great site and a wonderful way to create prayer warriors!
''And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.'' Ephesians 6:18

timothy robinson
hello, i just want to thank you ...

Jodi Beck
I had the privledge of listening to pastor Wally this past week, thank you for your words of encouragement, and all that you do for the Kingdom. Grace To You

Susan Adair
Your testimony inspires me!

hey, hope everyone out there wants to be a missionary or already has been one!

hi Pastor Wally...this is missy, preshus' friend. Well, i recently left the Vallejo church, and i just wanted you to know that you have made such an impact in my life since Acquire the Fire. I hope that you please and touch the hearts of many other people, because as many hearts as you've touched that night, each person you have, is as many as they will reach as well, and on will it go. Thank you for bringing such a beautiful family into the world, especially as Preshus. After Acquire the Fire, i shared my testimony about it at church, and everybody liked it. In fact, Ate Ichu was touched and asked for a copy of the essay. Thank you so much. -Missy

I first met pastor wally at stand up in april at indianapolis and i tried to get to his website but had it wrong after finding it i'm so glad i found it thank you for providing a great site and helping me see the big picture God Bless

Mindy White
Greetings to Pastor Wally, family & staff. There are people in Kansas praying for you and the persecuted. Blessings!! MW

Chase Kenemer
hey whats up pastor walley this is chase from the youth convention in dallas the rest of the trip turned out great. i let my mom here your testimony she loves it.Well i've got to go ,i'll write you later.

Well sometimes we christians in our local church forget about of those who are being persecuted in other places and that must not be, b-cus as Hebrews says in chapter 13 to remmember the ones that are in jail as if we where with them (v2) and that as Jesus suffered outside the door for us we should do the same (v12-13). SO i thank the Lord for this ministry and for your devotion and that these may never end as we live.

Bob Ahlers
I'm a volunteer with Voice of the Martyrs and email information to others. Understand I can sign up for a weekly email persecution report from you. Would appreciate this very much and use it to spread the word about our Brothers and Sisters in Chains. Thanks for your help. Praise the Lord! Bob

I think this is a great site i had a speaker come to a christian camp that i was at and he told me about this site his name is pastor wally this is a great site and god bless

I like your website and I think its great how Christians can band together and carry out God's plans.

Amber N.
I was at Teen mania Extreme Camp this past week and I just wanted to say that Pastor Wally really touched my heart. I am now remembering and including all the persecuted Christians all over the world in my prayers. I hear there's a persecution report and I would be very grateful if you could help my find out how to begin receiving that so that I will be better able to pray for me Brothers and Sisters in Christ. God Bless and touch you all as he has me, Amber

Thank you so much for sharing with us about the persecuted and informing us about them...May God richly bless you as you serve HIM!!!!

Emily Cleveland
Pastor Wally- I was at the Teen Mania camp that you spoke at on August 1st. You really touched me with your words and what you have been through. I wish I had gotten the chance to talk to you, but I did not. I have just become a prayer intercessor, and plan on being one for as long as possible. I look foward to seeing you speak again sometime. In Christ, Emily

joey (joseph) freid
I say pastor wally speek a teen maine youth camp and he inspierd me to be the best man of god I could be. and one day I hope to be able to be a misanary one day.

God bless you!!! Bulgaria love Jesus.

Isabela Lemoine
I heard Pastor Wally preach at Acquire the Fire in Dallas, Texas back in March of this year. To be honest, I have never been for missionaries. I thought they just wanted to go on vacation. I cried through his whole message. That day I was completely sold out to missions. I asked God to forgive me and I truly repented for my thoughts. This summer I went on a missions trip to Lima, Peru. The Lord God performed Awesom Miracles and in the proces changed me. The cry of my heart is for the lord to burden me with the lost souls of this world. I desire to see the lost saved and living for Jesus. I want Jesus to open my eyes so that I may see through him. I love the Lord and I have been blessed by the changes that are taking place. God is good. Please keep praying for all the missionaries. Love, Isabela

Pastor Johan & Esther Lourens
We visit your webpage and it is really worthwile.Keep up the good work till our Master come.God bless

I met Pastor Wally at Aquire the Fire in Washington. I was touched by his testimony and encouraged. I love to hear about Christians that are not about words but actions. God Bless! Philippians 1:29 ''For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for him''

Regina Rudzik
It is such a relief to know that there are countless others who share my burden for our brothers and sisters who suffer for our Lord's sake. He is leading me to many ministries in order to be educated about the suffering church, to be able to pray specifically for it, and to disseminate information about persecution against the Church. For many years I thought the problem was just too big for me...now I know I am to be faithful in doing my part and trust God to bring others alongside. You are doing a beautiful work for Him. With you in Christ, Regina

Tim Ortiz
Pastor Wally, I met you in Auburn Hills Michigan at Aquire The Fire this year 2002. As you may remember I had just undergone a kidney transplant and was recovering well. Recently I was approved for a pancreas transplant which could happen at any time. I have considerd all the trials of sickness, operations, failed eye sight, and now recovery as nothing compaired to what many others have sufferd for the sake of Christ including yourself! I pray only that I am found to be faithfull and willing to accept any thing that comes my way. I have been asking the Lord to help us to have you here, but many in our town are reluctant to partner to bring you here. Pray that God softens there hearts! The church that I pastor is beginning to be blessed, and they are finally able to lend some financial support. We have begain to support a Home Missionary and desire to support what God is doing through you also. I cry as I write this to you for many are new converts and are learning the joy of giving and faithfulness. I am humbled to have met you and your Pastor's they are special people of God. This is my prayer for you today. Jesus, bless this man and the gift that he is to the body of Christ! Bless the staff and all who volenteer there! Give them increase so that they can make others aware of the tortures that are happening even now! And thank you most of all for bringing them into my life if only for a moment! By the power of Christ I pray. Amen Tim Ortiz Servant at The Father's Heart Ministries

Sharon Locke
God is awesome! I thank Him every morning for a new day and pray others will see Him in me.

Stanimir Ivanov
God love the world. I love god so much!!! thank you brother Terry.

wow.. i heard pastor wally speak at extreme camps july, 4th 2002! i have to say i was incredibly moved by his presentation and testimony! i've signed up tp pray for the persecuted and have encouraged my youth group to doing so as well.. we hope to start a HOP in our church. God used pastor wally and his testimony to open my eyes and see the heart that i have for foreign missions! this has inspired me! praise god! god bless you all as you pursue a deeper relationship with the lord! bekah hope<>< 1 timothy 4:12

Tara Al-Masih
Thanks so much for having a wonderful daily news for intercessors. I am the owner of a website and e-mail group focusing on prayer for the persecuted, and your news has been invaluable. Thank you so much!!! Remembering them, Tara

Robert McDaniel
What a great site. I have found many such sites in my browsing. We have to help those in need according to Matthew 25:36. May God bless all who are burdend for the persecuted. You may visit my site if you wish. www.servingthepersecuted.com, We have much to do before the Harvest is complete. God bless you for caring.

Ana Cabello
May the Lord God of Israel bless all of you for your love & obedience.I'd like to recieve a video of your precious work.

Praise God for your ministry! It helps point me in the right direction.

Leonard D. Richardson Jr.
God bless the world. And as the Musketeers would say, All for one, And one for all.-Amen-

Donald Bust
Thank you for the info that I receive from your e-mails. My wife and I pray often for China and appreciate being able to hear of what is happening there. Can you give me info of short term mission trips to China? We have taken Bibles there before and would like to do so again. In Christ. Don.

Jim Tremaine
May God lift the veil of darkness and usher in His Holy Sprit for revival and change of goverment policies. Jim Tremaine

The blessings and promises of God will fill your labour with joy, peace and strength

Patrick Singh
Good to meet other Christians. GOD BLESS

Thank you for this wonderful ministry. I'm a 21 year-old pastor with a young church ready to engage in world missions. Our hearts are burning to bless the body of Christ that are persecuted throughout the world. Thank you for providing this ministry to inform us of how we can help. Consumed by the Call, Pastor Chad

I was at the Mission Conference last night at Countryside Christian Church. Wally, what a powerful and Blessed man you are!! God has Blessed you. I'm grateful to have been there and hear you

great site GOD BLESS

Rev. Charles Martindale
It was good to have you at First Baptist Church West Monroe for our Global Missions conference and to hear you preach Sunday night. Rev. Charles Martindale
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.bayou.com/~discoduk

Rachel Mayes
Pastor Wally: This is Rachel from Acquire the Fire. Hopefully I can connect with you somehow, but I finally got onto this web-site, and it is great that I can look up to see what is happening around the world and pray for the churches. If you need me for ANYTHING, please e-mail me. Rachel

Lawrence Piri
I am glad to see so many of us involved in this type of ministry, ''praying for the persecuted because of their faith in HIM'' Send me more info so that my church in Malaysia can pray more also. 1 Chorinthians 12:26

Randy Hall
Hello Pastor Wally. Thanks for coming to Topeka and sharing the Love of God with us. You are a modern day Paul in my eyes. Not that you have persecuted the church - but that you have been brought through the worst this world can throw at us and have not only survived - but by the grace of God, flourished. May God bless, guide and keep you as you bring hope and help to our brothers and sisters of the persecuted church! Though tiring at times (thanks for showing your feet of clay) your work is most important - keep it up, and may God strengthen you every day. Pastor Wally - please pray for the unborn, 33 million plus have been lost to abortion in the United States since 1973. We must not look the other way - it's got to stop.

I wish I could help..but I do not have any money to donate, if there is anything else I could do let me know please.

Jim Wardrop
We are friends of Hope Flinchbaugh and would like to make contact with Bro. Terry and Sis. Edrye. Thanks for the introduction.

Dick S. Detablan
October 19, 2002 Site is Great! God Bless to all. Please include in your prayer about bringing the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in the workplace..........Dick S.D.

Laurie Mastrodonato
Pastor Wally, I was very moved by your messages at the banquet at Greece Assembly of God Saturday night and in church on Sunday. Your work is so very important and God is using you in such a powerful way. Sunday evening we went to my sister's house for my nephew's birthday party and I was sharing with my mother and sister how you were severely persecuted for your faith in God and how you sufferd in prison and faced the death penalty for teaching the Word in Saudi Arabia. They just looked at me like I was nuts and I felt so sad. My sister said you were crazy for trying to preach the Gospel in Saudi Arabia and my mother told me I am ''too into this God stuff''. They just don't understand that the Word needs to be spread to every man before Jesus will return. They are both Catholics and I have been trying to bring them to Greece Assembly of God for years. My mom and dad have come for special occasions and I did invite them to attend your message yesterday, but they wanted to go to their own church. I will keep praying for them and talking to them, but I guess I just wanted you to know that I felt in my heart what you felt when people deny Christ and it hurts so bad. Thank you for your work Pastor Wally and I am glad to hear that Jesus came to you in your cell and touched your face. I know he must have come to you when you were at your lowest point. I know his touch kept you alive and going. Jesus came to me once when I was struggling to find Him. He hugged me and would not let go until I let go first. I will never forget the awesome power of love I felt with his arms wrapped around me and always think about the encounter whenever I feel life's blows or struggle with keeping evil away from me and my family. Thank you for your time and may God continue to bless you.


I heard about this site when Wally came to Countryside Christian center in Florida for our annual Missionary Conference!I loved hearing about the work of God he's doing.I think it's wonderful and is God-inspiring.

Bro. Adalberto Santiago

Ana Cabello
Praise God for your Ministry, May the Lord God of Israel bless all of you.

Patricia Montenegro
I lead several missions prayer groups and would like to know if you have material available in Spanish that I could share with my brothers and sister to challenge them to pray for the persecuted church

God our Father, Help us to never forget our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ.

Alisha Quinn
Hello, I really enjoy reading all the about CIC. I always wonder how it would feel to not be able to worship God freely. I am thankful for my freedom and hope and pray that soon everyone will gain the same freedom as we do in America.

This is a wonderful site. My Jr. High Sunday School and I are praying for our brothers and sisters. Could you please tell us who sings the song on your home page?

PameLa Bates
Please send me more information. Is there a video of Pastor Wally's testimony. I saw a portion of it on television and wonder if it is available to purchase and share with other believers. I'll never forget the prayer he prayed in a plea for his life: Lord, You can still use me! How powerful! What a prayer for every believer! Not Lord, I would like to see my grandchildren grow up; or Lord, I would like to see my son graduate; nor Lord, I would like to see my wife go to college but Lord, let me live to see Your glory in me! I was blessed and challenged! God bless you, PameLa Bates

Charlotte Partosoebroto
Hello dearest brother and sister in the Lord. Please pray for my country because I love my country so much. I am from Indonesia. God bless you all and God bless Indonesia

jim la salandra
send updates

Debbie Phelps
Our son Adam attends First Assembly of God in Ft. Myers, FL and was at the Youth Missions Banquet 11-6-02. He raised his hand regarding ''being called to the Mission Field''and prayed with Wally. We have known since he was 5 that God had a calling on his life.Wally, we heard you a couple of years ago when you were here. Thank you for the impact you have had on us, and especially Adam. We will continue to pray for you and your ministry. Debbie Phelps

Teresa Polychronis
Please send my news alerts.

shelia edwards
God Bless you in your efforts, we are honoring the International Day of Prayer for the persecuted & martyrs for Christ tomorrow in our litte church here in Arkansas. you are in our prayers this day.

Mike O
HELLO, I was excited to get this prayer update for the percecuted church. It would be a blessing to hear and meet Pastor Walley, can you come to Golden Hills Church in Antioch, CA?. My wife and I presented the VOM video at our church's outreach center for the lost and homeless! The video was moving and heart breaking and at the same time a testimony of the Lord Jesus Spirit to uplift and give those believers the power to forgive those who persecuted them! Yours in Christ Jesus, Mike and Stephanie O

Ken Esarey
Today is the first I have visited your site. I have found it to be very enlightening. This source of information about our brothers/sisters will help me pray more effectively and knowledgeably. Thanks!

Charles D. Akula
May God change the hearts of people who are persecuting our brothers and sisters in The Lord. Pryer IS POWERFUL. GOD IS IN CONTROL. Lord and GOD Jesus SAVES US ALL.

Stephanie Bentt-Dale
November 12 we will go to our local House of Prayer and spend some time interceeding for the persecuted church. Ashburnham Prayer Centre is holding 24/7 week of prayer for the nation and the nations.We will use info we obtained today from your site. In the future we will be able to use your prayer letter. PTL for all the work you do for our family who are in chains for the Gospel. Erik & Stephanie .

Rahmad Jakle
Hello dear brothers and sister in Jesus Christ. Jesus is everything for me, no god like my sweet Jesus. In the past, i was a Moslem, but now Jesus in my Faith. Amien

I can't tell you how much this group means to me. I have been trying to put God first in my life, and, yes, I find it hard to do. I ask for your prayers, for I enjoy being in the Lord more than not. You are in my prayers, and I just hope that I can help in some way. God Bless!

Israel Selvam
Keep up the great work of prayering and coordinating prayer for the Persecuted Church around the world.

nimfa magdangal lim-guevarra
hi pastor wally! just wanted to let you know that papa & mama are also praying for you(charito m.& amor lim).God Bless...

Dan & Cheryl
What an honor to have you speak at our church this past Sunday. We were deeply saddened by the realities that you presented. I am ashamed to say I had no idea how bad the persecution of the church is in this ''modern age''. I guess here in America we dont even think about people not having the ability to here and know God. We take our religious freedom for granted. We will join you in prayer and again thank you for opening our eyes to these needs.

Pastor Billy McKee AoG.
Many,indeed too many of us are caught up in our own small corner of the vineyard.I will inform our gathering and seek support both prayerfully and financially. Pastor Billy.

James B. Wertz
This thanksging I am greatful that I am not in danger for being a Christian and pray for those who are. God bless you.

Steven Benjamin
I also had a chance to meet Pastor Wally at my church here in New Jersey. What a powerful testimony of God's power! You know, we take so much for granted here in the United States. God help us all! Let's continue to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters. Amen!

John Payne
Is there any organization set up not only to preach the gospel to the Moslem world but set up to protect christian communities and cells from torture and murder? I find it difficult to see people come to Christ in these countries and then left to the mercy of darkness with no place or protection from agression. Is there any thing we can do to help organize and protect these people? Is any one organizing a defense to the Muslem military wholesale murder of christian communities?

Gary Kimpel
praying for all the persecuted christians

K. Doc Becker
I'm a member at Countryside Christian Center in Clearwater, FL. I was persecuted by my own Father and those around me. All through my life, because I believed in Jesus (I was considered ''different''), therefore people hated me. I now find peace in having a closer walk with Jesus. I WANT TO HELP--WHAT CAN I DO? MY NUMBER IS 727-709-6166. CALL OR WRITE ME PASTOR WALLY!

Claudia McClain

Pastor Wally, my name is Claudia McClain and I heard your testimony at the 2002 Missions Conference at Countryside Christian Center in Clearwater, FL. Thank you for your passion for Christ and love for others, you have inspired me. I plan to visit wonderful this site regularly. God Bless you and your family as well as our brothers and sisters who are in Christ. May God be glorified, Amen

Conrad Del Bosque Jr.
What a wonderfull site, found it through VOM. My our lord Jesus Christ continue to bless this ministry.

Gareth Gamble
Hello from Ireland! I've tried to keep informed and to other inform others of our brothers and sisters in chains throughout the world, but particularly in China, as i have a personal interest in China and plan to spend a significant period of time there within the next year. I have appreciated ministries like yourselves for keeping us all informed and allowing us to be informed in our prays for the worldwide Church. Keep up the great work and God Bless. G.

David Warner
Wally, You are letting God use you not for money or fame like some major preachers or evangilist do. You are strickly in for this because it is for God. I am so glad that you are letting God use you for his kingdom. Many do not choose to let God use them for the kingdom. So I want to thank you for that. With out you starting this ministry many would not have the chance to help the persecuted church. Thanks and God Bless. I will continue to pray for you and this ministry.

Dana Ghiurau
Prayer is so essential. Let us keep praying!

Rob McKay
Just wanted to say thank you for speaking at the youth conference and our church! I really enjoyed taking you back to the airport!!take care and keep in touch.

Agboola Taiwo
i am most glad i found this site.it has really been a blessing this past days.i'm also gladen thati have opportunity to be part of your prayer team.God bless your ministry and all your workers.AMEN.

Scott Robson
God bless you all. Pastor Wally, I heard you speak a year or two ago at the VOM Conference in Bartlesville. I'm so glad to have found CIC. Scott Robson Dallas, TX

Mike, Diane & Chris
We are honored to be able to sign up for being an intercessor

Pr.Carlos / Chile
Desde Chile un gran abrazo a cada santo que participa en vuestro ministerio. Soy un joven pastor a quien siempre le ha movido el corazon por orar por la iglseia perseguida. MI deseo es poder tenar informacion en espaol con respecto a la persecucion de la Iglesia alrededor del mundo y poder constribuir con un poco en poder crear conciencia por ahora en mi pais de la realidadd e nuestros hermanos alrededor del mundo... Por ello desearia si pueden enviarme informacion..se los agradeceria mucho... Desde ya muchas gracias Isaias 58:11 NOTA : Es posible hacer parte de un equipo de trabajo por un tiempo alguno de estos paises.. y cual es el costo de esto... GOD BLESS

Caitlin Green
I just wanted to say thank you Brother Wally you really taught me something. I have written this paper on religion and if you would like to read send me an e-mail @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. thanks Caitlin Green from Chilhowee Middle School in Benton, Tennessee

Amanda Wilcox
Brother Wally: Ever since you came and talked to our school (chilhowee middle in benton tennessee)i have told people about what all you said. You lead me to beleive even more in the Lords powers and for that i am very thankful! You touched my heart as you told us the story about Faith. I deeply appriciate you for comming and telling us about your journey. I wish you and your family the happiest of life and hope you enjoy your life here in America!!! You have deeply inspired me and so now i intend on starting to go back to church. BLESS YOU BROTHER WALLY!!

Jan Clemmer
I was fortunate to meet and hear Pastor Wally at our small church in the mountains of NC this past Sunday. His testimony was so uplifting to know that our Great God will never forsake us. There were many tears shed at the program but also much joy was received. May God Bless Pastor Wally and all the Christians in the world that are spreading his word.

Bob McDaniel
Excellent site. Any one promoting the helping of the persecuted is number one in my book. Come visit me, The Helping Hands Project, www.servingthepersecuted.com, May the Lord bless you all.

Kim Slavings
I had to chance to hear Pastor Wally at our church yesterday. He has an amazing testimony. I was in awe!!

Tonya Ethridge
Thank you for coming to my church in Poplar Bluff,Missouri. I go to Mt.Calvary with Pastor Ronnie Webb. On yesterday which was May 18, 2003. Your testimony blew me away because I only heard of things happening like that only in the movies. I will continue to pray for you and your family and please pray for me to. Thank you, Tonya Ethridge 518 Nickey St. Poplar Bluff,Mo. 63901

David Warner
Wally, You are letting God use you not for money or fame like some major preachers or evangilist do. You are strickly in for this because it is for God. I am so glad that you are letting God use you for his kingdom. Many do not choose to let God use them for the kingdom. So I want to thank you for that. With out you starting this ministry many would not have the chance to help the persecuted church. Thanks and God Bless. I will continue to pray for you and this ministry.

Curtis Kipple
I saw Pastor Wally at Invasion in Indianapolis last April. I think this is an awesome site and I support what you're doing.

how are you pastor wally? i was the former musician of RICC. i am now in Toronto with ptr. ojie. this ministry touches the hearts of every christians especially in ksa and other countries where christians are being persecuted. god bless!

Jim Christian
Do you ever get all the way up to Halifax, Nova Scotia?

rkeprst fader Sergius
Med vnliga hlsningar frn Fader Sergius

Informative site, God bless all who keep it up and running. May all who visit this site, leave wanting to stop what they're doing and pray!

Krystal Ashe
I first heard Pastor Wally speak back in 2000 when I was preparing for a Mexico summer mission trip in Garden Valley. His testimony touched my life. I have shared it with many people over the last three years and I will never forget it. What an encouragement you are to the world. My church and I have and will pray for all the christians in crisis across the world. May God Bless your work as you follow his plan...(even when all you have is a paper cup) JESUS LIVES!!

Hey Pastor Wally! How are you and your gurlz? I love this site and i am very interested in the persecuted church. I wrote to VOM and asked them to send me a list of prisoners who I can write to and give them as much encouragement as I can. Stay strong and God bless you and your fam.

Greetings from a prayerhouse in Bergen, Norway. I found your Web-page today, and we will use it in praying for brothers and sisters in persecution. God bless you

Laura Baddoo
I feel pained in my spirit that christians could be suffering these terrible atrocities. God bless you for creating this page to spread the word around and inspire people like me to pray. MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU. Amen


I heard Pastor Wally this past Saturday at Acquire the Fire. I felt the presence of the Lord the entire time he spoke. I pray that Lord would continue to Bless Pastor Wally and make a way for him to continue to teach others about GOD. May the Lord Bless you and Keep you Make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you! I praise and Thank God for using Pastor Wally is such a unique way. Thank you Pastor Wally for being a humble vessel.What can I say GOD is AWESOME!!!!!

i recently heard pastor wally speak in San Antonio and even my 8 yr old son was impacted. Thanks for your ministry. My prayers are with you and those persecuted around the world for our LORD.

Rev. Jack Sara
May the Lord continue to use you as a light amidst darkness. ''We know one thing for sure, that God works through all things for the good of those who love him.'' Through suffering God builds his church. Come visit our website sometimes: http://welcome.to/old.city.of.jerusalem.alliance

This is a great website and im coing to come back as much as i can to learn more about whats going on with christians around the world. I was at ATF (Aquire The Fire) and I was amazed at the number of people dieing each year because of their believes and im going to do my best to change people's lives and make them live for Christ. God Bless You All

Randy and Sandy Dodson
Dear Pastor Wally, We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your testimony and challenge that you presented at the Acquire the Fire in Nashville, TN. We, along with our son and daughter were thankful for your word to the youth. You have our respect and prayers. God bless you. In Christ, Randy and Sandy Dodson

I was very prieveleged to hear Pastor Wally speak at Acquire the Fire in Nashville on March 15th. It has been a long time since I have been so touched, and my heart goes out to you, Pastor Wally, and those who have had/are having similar experiences. I am lost for words, but I will continue to pray for this ministry. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony with us. I just wanted to let you know that there were some youth out there who were listening to you with the utmost respect. God bless you!

Robert/Cathy Brennan
Saw Pastor Wally on 700 Club this am.

Lori Pearson
I heard pastor Wally at and acquire teh fire convention. His story touched me. He has an amazing faith in God, I don't know if I would have been able to do what he did.

Curtiss Chase
Dear Pastor Wally, Iam impressed with what God is doing through your ministry. I was blessed with being able to hear you speak in 2002, here in Topeka. My prayers go up for the persecuted body of Christ several times a week. May God bless.

Thank you so much Pastor Wally. I have never been moved the way i was when I heard your testimony at Stoney Creek High School a few days ago. I never knew the meaning of 'indecribeable' or 'overjoyed' until i heard you talk and really found out Jesus lives in all of us. Thank you so much for the wake-up call and keep telling your story!!!!!

To Pastor Wally and Family- You were just at our church, Second Cape May Baptist Church, for our missions conference, and I just wanted to say that I was completly amazed and touched. Your tesitmony is absolutely incredible and the guidance you gave us, the youth, was extremely helpful. After listening to your testimony and watching the videos you showed, made me emotional and God layed on my heart the desire for missions. I don't have many trials that I have gone through, like you, but I have the desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost! You are truely an inspiration! Thank You! I'll be praying for you, your family, and the people who you are trying to reach!

I'm very glad that I found this site!!!! This work is so important,BE BLESSED! Would be nice to talk more with other christians who have the persecuted church in their hearts..you can write me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

savannah scruggs
hey, i just want 2 say i heard one of your prechings, and it change the way i look on life as a christian. and u r not like one of those boaring i want to go to sleep prechers. u make me wish i could listen 2 u all day! i love u man!

I want to know more about your work and how to get more involved.


Jim Wilson
Dear Pastor Walley, I heard your message at our first service at Ceder Grove Baptist Church in Leeds, Alabama. My heart was moved and blessed. Thank you so much for the work you are in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will be praying for you, your family and your good works. Love in Christ Jim Wilson

Dawn Pastor:
You wear Jesus very well. Thank You for sharing your passion with us . Dawn M. Ellard

Jessilyn Justice
I went to the Joshua Revolution and the Youth Rallry @ Heardmont Park, and both times, I am blown away by Pastor Wally's story!!!!! I just wanted to let him and other people that work for the minestery, that I am constantly praying for it and the people it is reaching!!!

Asif Sharaf
I have been involved with a ministry brodcasting Christian Radio programs to Muslims in Urdu language for last three years. Need prayers and more opportunities to reach out to Muslims.

I just wanted to say that I heard Pastor Wall speak at Aquire the Fire in Portland this weekend and it was absolutly amazing. Your story has touched my life and I am sure the lives of many other teens alike. I will be praying for you and your ministry. In Christ, Shawnee

Laura Stevenson
HI I was wondering if you could send me a few pics. of Christans w/ their feet and arms bound and who they look before they are murdered( this is for a speech i have to do.) thanks

Peace you all and thank you for what you doing May my GOD BLESS YOU Father help us in our work!

I think this is a great website.I heard about it through Pastor Wally at a youth conference.

Bob Eustace
I want to be faithful to Hebrews 13:3 as a life-long commitment. Early Christians, and normal Christianity, obliges us to bear one another's burdens. As we are obedient in these things, the personal closeness to God, and larger revivals we long for, are just by-products of that obedience (Isaiah 58:8,10), to say nothing of the encouragement our active support brings to the persecuted, the testimony of our unity to the world (John 17:23), and the joy our love brings to the Father's heart. May intercession increase like a huge bonfire that grows brighter and stronger until our Lord returns!

Pr.Carlos / Chile
Desde Chile un gran abrazo a cada santo que participa en vuestro ministerio. Soy un joven pastor a quien siempre le ha movido el corazon por orar por la iglseia perseguida. MI deseo es poder tenar informacion en espaol con respecto a la persecucion de la Iglesia alrededor del mundo y poder constribuir con un poco en poder crear conciencia por ahora en mi pais de la realidadd e nuestros hermanos alrededor del mundo... Por ello desearia si pueden enviarme informacion..se los agradeceria mucho... Desde ya muchas gracias Isaias 58:11 NOTA : Es posible hacer parte de un equipo de trabajo por un tiempo alguno de estos paises.. y cual es el costo de esto... GOD BLESS

john hullo,
I am browsing your site and am interisted in praying for Christians, I will come back and look some more my site is http://au.geocities.com/john_garrod

Pastor Wally, Thank you so much for your coming to Teen Mania to talk with us about what is going on in that lives of Christians who are being persecuted. Sometimes i don't realize just how blessed I am to live here in the U.S.A. and not face much more than a little bit of teasing by way of persecution. I wonder if that freedom I treasure could one day be taken away from me and if I would fight for that freedom or if there is more freedom in Christ for those who are persecuted for His name. I will pray for the persecuted church, that they would grow in their relationship with Christ and shine for Him in that darkness. Your sister in Christ Cerisse

Bro. Adalberto Santiago
Missionary Relief Society of Puerto Rico
International Christian Embassy of P.R.
Sociedad Tratados Evangelisticos of P.R.

Pastor Jack Schaeffel
I'm eager to expose more of our church family to the stunning examples of God's people enduring the shame of the Cross. Keep up the good work!

William Carr
Thanks for the good info and may God bless and keep you!

Joe Durso
Hi Pastor Wally. We met at an Aquire the Fire gathering. I will be praying for you and the persecuted around the world. In the Grip of His Grace, Joe Durso

Celestin Karikumutima
I am blessed with your ministry being a voice and advocate to God's people in persecution

Johanne Labbe-LaRose
Blessings to you all, I am interested in your ministry. May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to Richly Bless You, your loved ones and this ministry. Johanne Labbe-LaRose, Aylmer, Qubec, Canada Leake G/libanos I am happy to visit your blessing web site.God bless your ministry. If there is a chance may I ask to introduce our church in presecution here in the Northern part of Ethiopia.

Leake G/libanos
We are in a church working the under difficult atmoshpher here in the Norther part of Ethiopia.Eventhough the constitution supports a freedom of faith and we exercise it to some extent, still we have hard situations especially in finding or havinfg a plce or hall to worshop...etc.We are praying to have a small plot of land and to construct a small hall on it. but we have nothing in our account for this proposed construction.May we ask your advice in this regard on how to approach this case. We believe and have a word of hope that we will win this situation and step foreword. God bless you.

andy taylor
Dear Pastor Wally: We heard you speak at the vom conference two summers ago and met you at Frisco, Texas last year in a house of prayer meeting. It is so good to see your ministry expanding. We are still holding a house of prayer almost every month. We are especially praying for your success with making people aware of the persecuted church. God Bless You Andy and Betty Taylor

David Brown
Dear Sir: How could our youth group obtain the addresses of some of our Christian brothers and sisters who are inprisoned in Saudi Arabia and write to them. We understand that the messages or letters will be read by the guards who hold them captive but isn't that a beautiful thing.

Pat Mamaclay
I heard your testimony at Countryside Christian Center, Clearwater,Fl in part last October 2002. This morning, I heard your tape in full. I'm also a Filipino and my experience in the Philippines as a former martial law detainee and my eventual conversion to Christ in 1989, and finally joining full time ministry in 1997 makes me understand you fully as if I saw myself in you magnified by many times. I felt humbled by what you went through in your Christian walk. Your life glorifies God and I pray that you will remain faithful and pure in your Christian walk. I'm joining the Mentoring program of Countryside Church and your message will be one of my inspiration to remain faithful in my calling. Thank you and I wish you God's protection and blessing. Dean Pastor wally have you seen this verse? This is something to think about! Since America is typically represented by an eagle. Saddam should have read up on his Muslim passages... The following verse is from the Quran, (the Islamic Bible): Quran (9:11) -- For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a fearsome Eagle. The wrath of the Eagle would be felt throughout the lands of Allah and lo, while some of the people trembled in despair still more rejoiced; for the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the lands of Allah; and there was peace. Note the verse number!!!!!)

Alina Caza
May God Bless You all and you are in my prayers.Everybody was happy to have you when you came to our church at ''First Apostolic Church.'' We were all very moved by your story.You have been through alot, and I know God loves you very much, and remember you will never walk alone. Again, May God Bless you and your family and your in my prayers!! Your friend, Alina

I believe in what the power of God and prayer can do. Praise God for people like you!

CIC is wonderful! May God continue to bless this organization and all His workers for His sake and glory!Thank you for everything you do and all your efforts! The Romanians in Sacromento are very grateful to Pastor Wally and his family for all their work and love!

Gale Murray
Reading this is like reading the about Paul's journeys in the New Testament--It will get even worse before Jesus returns. God give them grace for each day. I can only imagine!

Ever since I saw Pastor Wally at Acquire the Fire, God broke my heart for the often ignored, persecuted church. I want you to know that I will be using this site to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters during my prayer time. God bless.

Tim and Eileen
We just heard Pastor Wally speak for the third time. He is an amazing man, with the hand of God on his life. We are praying for CIC as well as Pastor Wally and his family. May God continue to pour His blessings on this ministry as well as this wonderful man.

Ada Dahlquist
I heard Pastor Wally speak at love Inc in Sacramento Ca. and was so moved by CIC and God to learn more about it. God Bless this Web site

Calvin Hibbard
Interesting site. Will exploe more as I can. Matthew & Karen Lyons We had the honor of hearing Pastor Wallys testimony in a church in Blairsville about two years ago..May Gods Grace and Glory fill your lives and use this web site to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. ZEP.3:17 In Jesus Name.Amen. Chris and Jennifer I look forward to seeing God answer the prayers of this ministry. With all of us praying together it is bound to be exciting.

My wife and I recently developed a ministry very similiar to yours. we would like to talk to you about our combining our efforts with yours. We are in the process of developing a ''grass roots'' organization that will cover every county in every state in America. Our goal is to make sure that every church has an opportunity to be involved in stopping the senseless brutality against Christians living in the ''persecuted countries'' Jim and JoEllen Boyd 540-949-4132 209 Kingspot Rd, Waynesboro, Va. 22980 God bless your ministry richly.

May the Lord continue to bless and increase the intercessors and all resources needed to encourage and build-up the persecuted church in the body of Christ. May God's abounding grace and mercy be yours in Christ Jesus. God bless you! This is the first time I have visited your website, thank you for your faithfulness and love towards the persecuted church.

A good websight for news and info and encouragement to keep on praying. There is such a major responsibility for us to pray and give here in the US. Let us encourage one another in this most needed ministry.

Ptr. Romy Nicolas
Pastor Wally, Shalom! It's nice to have you again. It's been a long time, yet you are still active in serving our Lord Jesus Christ. Press on brother Wally. By the way, I thank you for all your love and concerns to me and my ministry here in the Philippines. I wish to hear from you more. Rerads to Mareng Mat and your kid, malake na? God bless you all. In Christ, Romy

Saw brother Wally at Buffalo/ Niagara this week and listened to the seminar there. Brother, you touched my heart on a chord that I am sincerely sensitive to. Thank you for sharing and letting us know more so as not to be ignorant.

Thank you for speaking at Buffalo/Niagara 2003! Thank you for opening our eyes to the needs of the persecuted church! We are praying about how our church can be involved!

john & cathy kern
Good morning, The Holy Spirit moved our hearts thru your interview with David Burns in Champaign, Il. We thank the Lord for raising a voice to tell of the suffering of His people for His Name of Jesus. If we are made aware of this and are not moved to action, the Love of God is not in us. I pray He continues to lift up voices and that His Grace will be upon us so we will truly be sold out for Jesus in word and in deed. Thanks, john & cathy

Philip Martinson
Please keep me informed of the suffering of my family in Christ, thank you.

God bless you. How can I help. I'm a musician and love the Lord and will pray for you all. I love missions.

I don't know what to say cause' my hart's on fire. I wanna thank ya Wally for bringing to a person like me the message of Christ... I hope that you'll come back in April here in Bistrita, Romania, everybody waits for ya! It's me Dany Love ya all

Linda Hartley
This is my first time to this site, and I am moved to prayer with passion for our family the ''Persecuted Church.'' I pray I also will be honor to hear our brother pastor Wally share his testimony, one day, I pray God almighty will send him to my church to speak. To God be the glory, Amen!

Neal Medina
may the good Lord bless you and you family; may He empower you and give you fresh anointing, fresh revelations in Jesus' mighty name, amen.

Gordon Vasseur
I had no idea just how many christians are persecuted in the world today. I was very blessed to be able to spend several days with Brother Wally. I was able to hear him speak and I was deeply touched by his witness. Please let me encourage you to send this web address to all of your Christian friends, so they can be aware of the world events, and also to pray for and support this work.

This is a wonderful site. Praise the Lord that He is opening doors to reach the Nepali people for Christ. We are reaching some of these people here in So. California. God bless you in your efforts.

Revd.Steven Asirvatham
Dear saints, I am writing to request you to mail me prayer items, that we could pray in our upcoming 3-days prayer and fasting, to be held from the 12-14th March 2004. Thank you and looking forward to pray along with CIC.

Hy Pastor Waly!!! I heard that you had a nive mission trip back to your birth country.I am writing you from Romania and of course I wait to see you in July.I will go to Spain and Italy for two weeks with my Quartet(you heard us).Please pry for us too.Have a blessed day with Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Geoff and Kathryn
Dear brethren, it was good to find your website. My family has suported the work to help our persecuted family for 7 years. We are now being called by the Lord to take the Gospel to the unreached and plan on making aid, training, and service to the persecuted a major component of the ministry. We plan on staying conected to CIC through your website. Feel free to contact us if there is anything we can do. We intend to support a seminary this year. God bless! Geoff Side note: The Quran 9:11 verse is a hoax. It doesn't say that.

Keith Tosh
I met you in Cookeville, Tn. Pastor Wally and I want you to know that I think your ministry is awesome. I will keep you and those of the persecuted churches in my prayers. God Bless You, brother.

Archie, Gloria, Austin and Adam
Pastor Wally, You are a true inspiration and example for all Christians everywhere . You and your family will forever be in our prayers at Wilhite Baptist Church . Thanks for the powerful testimony and message that we will never forget.

Pastor Wally spoke at our church today (Riverside, Ft. Myers Florida). I want to thank him for his powerful testimony. It is very humbling to those of us who have never had to suffer for our love of Christ. I am renewed and will be forever grateful to him and his family for all that they have endured and for all that they continue to do to further the kingdom of Christ. To Him be all the Glory!

Kathy Brooder Joe
Pastor Wally I want let you know when you spoke at future quest in El Cajon, CA on June 26 you inspired me and a few of my friends to be come missionaries for the Lord. Thank you Pastor Wally.

Steve Lamb
My heart and mind have been on the persecuted church alot lately.My prayers are with them daily.Pastor Wally, I would like very much to receive Pastor Ver's e-mail address so I can contact him .Thank you for your service to HIS MAJESTIES KINGDOM!

Rev. Evbota Idemudia
Godstime Dear Man of God. It's a great blessing in writing you this letter. To God be they glory great things he has done. We are librating Nigeria for Jesus, with some America ministers helping through crusade ministries and mission outreach in proclaiming the gospel in Africa. Our forth-coming national crusade in Nigeria is October 12th-18th, and November 20th-26th, 2004. Theme: God's Hour For Nigeria. For more detail please, navigate our website: www.spreadthewordministries.org Please, we want you to help us with some gospel materials (Bibles,literatures and tracts) for the poor in need; many souls are dying and hungry for the word of God. Please consider sending some materials for the poor, we want to see a mighty revival of the gospel of faith in Nigeria.

In His service,
Rev. Evbota Idemudia Godstime. Spread The Word Ministries, P.O Box 11827 Benin City Edo State Nigeria. Our generation is looking for hope and the only hope for our people is Jesus Christ.

Hi, I think its great to get the message out to countrys by radio.Where people cant have Bibles,but want to know more about Jesus,an salvation and his soon return for his bride the true believers. Since this is the last generation from May/14/1948 when Israel became a nation. An a generation is 70 years---Psalm 90:10 An the bride is not appointed to wrath 1Thess 5:9 Then that leaves us to May/14/2012 However I think Jesus can an will come sooner when you think not!! We need to share this with our imprisoned family to encouage them in our Lord! God Bless!



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