Terrorists Kill Twenty Nine Christians in Two Attacks in Burkina Faso

Source:  www.persecution.org

Date:  June 12, 2019

Burkina Faso (International Christian Concern) – Two terrorist attacks in Burkina Faso have left 29 Christians dead and countless others fearing for their lives. The twin attacks, which took place on June 9 and 10, specifically targeted Christians and came on the heels of a series of attacks targeting churches in the West African nation.

The first attack took place in the town of Arbinda on Sunday, June 9. Nineteen Christians were murdered as a result of that attack. Reports confirm that ten others were killed in a nearby province named Namentenga on Monday, June 10. According to local reports, the attacks have displaced the entire Christian population of Arbinda who fear they too will be targeted and killed.

In interview with Barnabas Fund, Burkinabe said, “It’s proven that they were looking for Christians. Families who hid Christians were killed. Arbinda has now lost in total no less than 100 people within six months.”

These attacks represent the fifth and sixth attack on Christians living in northern Burkina Faso within the last six weeks. An estimated 82 pastors and 11,245 Christians have been displaced by the targeted killings.

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for an end to the recent violence targeting Christians in Burkina Faso. Pray for peace for those who have lost loved ones. Pray for healing for all who have been injured in these attacks.

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