Early Rain Covenant Church member confronts undercover ”spy“

Source:             www.ChinaAid.org

Date:                   September 17, 2020



Early Rain Covenant Church member confronting "spy."

Man admitting to spying on Early Rain Covenant Church member
(Videos: China Aid)
(Chengdu, Sichuan Province — Sept. 17, 2020) Hope,* a female member of Early Rain Covenant Church, confronted a man “spying” on her (in public with her two children). The man who appeared to be an undercover policeman had been following and harassing Hope.

“I am a Christian attending Early Rain Covenant Church and take care of two kids every day.” Hope told the man using his phone to video and photograph her and her children, “I have no clue what laws I have broken.”

“The man did not let me know his identity,” Hope said,” so I did not know if he was a police officer… He did not show me any legal papers, so I wondered, How can he watch me like this?”
“The government sent me to spy on you,” the undercover cop admitted. “You have a decent job, but you don’t work. Rather, you believe in a cult. You can speak to someone in the government, and ask why they hired me to spy on you.”

“Okay, okay, okay…, what you just said is spot on, but why did the government hire someone like you to spy on me?” Hope asked. “You said the government sent you, didn’t you? Who in the government sent you? Answer.”

The undercover cop asked, “Why do you film this?”

“What department of the government sent you?” Hope responded.

The man did not answer. Instead he asked Hope, “How come you are filming this?”

*Not real name.

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