China: Torture, trials, and a harrowing rescue!


Date:                                    May 10, 2017


Chen Guiqiu America Arrival

A mother and her daughters safe, but the father still in danger!

You may have never heard of Gloria Chen (Chen Guiqiu) and her two lovely daughters, Jenny (Xie Yajuan) and little Kelly (Xie Yuchen), but their lives have been forever changed thanks to ChinaAid supporters like you.

When Gloria's husband, human rights lawyer Xie Yang, was arrested almost two years ago, Gloria wouldn't have guessed just how dangerous things would get for her and her daughters. She turned to ChinaAid to help when fleeing China became her only option.

While everything was happening, and for a time even after they were safely in America, it was too dangerous to share details of how they escaped, both for them and for those who helped them on their harrowing journey!

Now, we're pleased to share that the Associated Press has covered Gloria's story in full. You can read all the details here.

In sadder news, back in China, Gloria's husband Yang was tried in Changsha, Hunan, a few days ago. After months of torture in captivity, he pleaded guilty in the court. He previously wrote in January that the only way he would confess was if the torture became too much for him or if it was for the sake of his family.

Yang was represented by government-appointed lawyers in court after his own lawyers were not allowed meetings with him and one was detained only a week before Yang's trial! ChinaAid supported the legal efforts of his brave lawyers all through this long and difficult process, and it's terribly sad to see this unfair outcome for his trial.

If you would like to support rescue efforts like Gloria and her daughters, you can make a gift to the families of the persecuted. Or, if you'd like to support those still on the ground, working in the courts for persecuted Christians like Yang, you can make a gift to the legal defense fund. 

Please keep Yang, Gloria, and their daughters in your thoughts and prayers. It is through your partnership and support of ChinaAid that persecuted families like Gloria's are able to be brought to freedom.

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