Borno State Has 3.3 Million Kids Without Schools


Date:  October 6, 2017

Nigeria (ABC News)

Over the last eight years, Boko Haram has left a deep mark on northern Nigeria in the wake of their violence.  Thousands of teachers have been killed, millions of people have been displaced, and now millions of children are left with no schools as over half of them have closed in Borno state.  This generation of children growing up “will have no memories but violence and no education to further their lives.”  UNICEF has reported on the dire situation for kids that spans from malnutrition to lack of education, and is worried that this will “leave behind a lost generation of children.”

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  • Pray for these innocent, young children who have been so deeply affected by the cruelty of others.
  • Pray for the parents and guardians of these children as they desperately try to provide for them.
  • Pray for the ability of northern Nigeria to rebuild a stable social structure to combat the effects of Boko Haram.

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