Two Christian Pastors Released in India


Date:  October 6, 2017

India (Premier)

Parts of India have strict “anti-conversion” laws, which are often used to discriminate against Christians and other religious minorities.  Recently, two pastors were arrested because a Hindu leader noticed an unusually large attendance at one of the pastors' churches.  Pastor Santok had invited a visiting speaker, Pastor Kalyan, to his church, and both were arrested and later released after stating their innocence that they were not forcing anyone’s conversion.  They said, “We were simply sharing the Gospel and had the doors open at our church for anyone who wanted to come in.”

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  • Pray for India as they struggle with the controversial “anti-conversion” laws.
  • Pray that this law would not be abused to discriminate against religious minorities.
  • Pray for the Indian government as they have discriminated against Christians more in recent years.

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