ISIS Regains Control over Town in Syria


Date:  Ocotber 6, 2017

Syria (Express Tribune)

The Syrian city of Al-Qaryatain was captured by ISIS two years ago, where they also kidnapped 270 Christians and kept them in an underground dungeon before releasing them a few weeks later.  Last year, the Syrian regime recaptured this city, but ISIS was just able to re-seize the city due to a surprise attack launched on Sunday.  ISIS has been focused on removing Christian symbols, such as monasteries and churches, as many are left in ruins in the wake of ISIS attacks. ISIS is now fighting against regime troops, many of whom have died at the hands of ISIS.

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  • Pray for Syria as it is still engaged in its long battle against the forces of ISIS.
  • Pray for the people in these war-torn cities where so many symbols and memories are being destroyed.
  • Pray for cities to be able to begin the rebuilding process as the Syrian regime takes back ISIS strongholds.

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