US, Turkey: Pastor Andrew's 365 Days


Date:                             October 7, 2017


Today is a sad day, but a day to renew our resolve.

Today marks one year - 365 days - of Pastor Andrew's unjust imprisonment for his Christian faith.

He is now a hostage of the Turkish government. He is in danger. With each day, the suffering grows. It is time for him to come home to America to be with his family. It is time to be heard. Take urgent action with us.

Sign Our Petition: Free American Pastor Andrew Brunson Now.

Read Our Update: After 1 Year, Pastor Andrew Now a Hostage.

Over the course of the last year of imprisonment, Pastor Andrew has endured many hardships. Below are some of the key moments of his case.

Read Our First Blog Post: Pastor Andrew Unjustly Arrested.

He missed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and his Birthday.

Read: Pastor Andrew Only Christian in Often Overcrowded Cell.

We've engaged in a massive legal advocacy campaign for Pastor Andrew taking his case all the way to the White House.

Read Our Report: Meeting with the President on Andrew's Case.

Now, new false changes have been levied against him, carrying even more severe penalties.

Read Our Analysis: New Charges Bring New Danger for Pastor.

Please continue to pray as we vigorously fight for Pastor Andrew's freedom.

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