Pastor in India Beaten into Coma for Sharing the Gospel


Date:  November 10, 2017

India (Christian Today)

A 26-year-old Indian pastor, Banothu Sevya, was beaten by Hindu extremists, which resulted in a 48-hour coma. He had previously been threatened by this gang two times before they beat him for converting “five tribal families to Jesus”. The extremists accused him of forcing others into conversion, but Pastor Banothu Sevya said “he told the extremists that he spoke to every person individually when they came to ask him about Jesus.” He is committed to sharing the Gospel despite the “hurdles” of extreme opposition.

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  • Pray for the healing of Pastor Banothu Sevya.
  • Pray that these extremists come to know Christ because of the pastor’s testimony and love.
  • Pray for Christians in India as the environment can be harsh toward them.

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