Imam and Muslim Policemen Save a Coptic Church


Date:  January 7, 2019

Egypt (International Christian Concern) –  On Saturday, an Egyptian policeman was killed while trying to defuse a bomb placed outside a church in Nasr City, near Cairo. Terrorists had placed three bombs on the roof of the church with the intention of exploding it today, which is Orthodox Christmas. An Imam at a mosque across the street reportedly saw the terrorists preparing the bomb for use during Christmas Mass and alerted the police.

The policeman killed was named Mustafa Abid. He was a mine clearance specialist and was heard saying before his death that the bombs were highly complex and explosive. Three other policemen were injured when the bomb exploded during clearance. If the bombs had exploded during Christmas Mass, it was expected that the casualty rate would have been extremely high.

Egyptian Christians are frequently targeted by Islamic extremists, who especially go out of their way to target Christians during religious holidays. Egypt ranks as a Tier 2 Country by the United States Commission on Religious Freedom. Egyptian Christians are regarded as second class citizens and face daily harassment and discrimination. Targeted violence is a daily threat in their lives.

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for peace for the family of the policeman killed in the attack. Praise God that there was no further damage to the church. Praise God for the actions of the Imam who alerted the police.

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