Newly Published Scripture Strengthens Christians from Muslim Background


Date:  2013-06-18

By Jeremy Reynalds
Senior Correspondent for ASSIST News Service

WHEATON, ILLINOIS (ANS) -- Russian Ministries has published the Message of Glory New Testament, a new attempt to provide God's Word and encourage revival among people from a Muslim background in the former Soviet Union.

This New Testament will help believers from a Muslim background grow in Christ

According to a news release from Russian Ministries, of all the cities of Europe, Moscow ranks first in the highest number of Muslims. Post-Soviet republics are gaining international notoriety with ties to terrorist groups and activities.
When reports of radical Islam grab widespread media attention, Russian Ministries said most people conclude that Christianity is not making headway in appealing to Islamics.

However, the ministry said, the untold story is the number of people from a Muslim background who are quietly turning to Christ.

According to Russian Ministries, Roman Silyantev, a Russian expert on Islam, estimates that more than two million people from various ethnic Muslim backgrounds have converted from Islam to Christianity in Russia.

In contrast, Silantev estimates that the number of ethnic Russians who have converted to Islam is between two thousand and five thousand.

Those who decide to embrace Christianity will grow in their new faith as they study the Bible. Russian Ministries said that's the primary motivation behind its publication of the Message of Glory New Testament.

Russian Ministries said revival is taking place one heart at a time in these post-Soviet republics where ethnic people are historically tied to Islam. God is working, revealing Himself through visions and dreams, as well His Word.

"God is calling people out of Islam to repentance and faith in Christ," said Russian Ministries' President Sergey Rakhuba speaking in a news release.

He continued, "But a dream or a vision, while personally moving and powerful, is not enough to sustain a life of enduring faith. Only the Word of God can build a foundation that will stand the test of persecution and open opposition that so many of these new believers face."

Russian Ministries said increasing access to God's Word will bear fruit, as searching people are discovering the power of Jesus, and giving their hearts to Him. These new Christians need to have access to the complete New Testament.

Russian Ministries said the Message of Glory New Testament in Russian is designed for people from a Muslim background. In addition, it will include testimonies of people who have converted to Christianity.

Russian Ministries asked for prayer that God will use the Message of Glory New Testament to strengthen new Christians and bring others to faith in Him.

Russian Ministries trains and mobilizes Christian leadership throughout Eurasia.

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