Violence touches ministry in Egypt


Date:                 July 2, 2013

Egypt (ODM) ― As Egypt continues to spiral out of control, Open Doorsshared the following urgent prayer request

Andrew is the son of a ministry leader in one of Upper Egypt's cities. He is in his last year of medical school.

On Sunday, he went out in the early afternoon to join one of the country-wide demonstrations calling for President Morsi to step down. While peaceful protestors were peacefully marching, a group of fanatic Islamic Muslims opened fire with machine guns on the protestors.

Andrew suffered two bullets wounds: one ended in his small intestines, and the other landed near his spinal cord. He was immediately admitted into the nearby government hospital.

After an initial surgery, the first bullet was removed along with part of his small intestine. Later in the evening, doctors miraculously removed the second bullet safely. Andrew is still in the intensive care unit and has been admitted into a private hospital.

Open Doors is asking Christians in the West to pray for Andrew. Also pray for all those who lost loved ones in the weekend protests and rallies, which resulted in a reported 16 deaths and 781 injuries. Pray for the violence to end and a peaceful resolution to the escalating situation.

Michael, a Christian leader in Egypt, says: "My heart is bleeding for my country and for the lost souls as well as for those who are going through pain. Moreover, listening to the threats of the fanatical groups who promised more violence and blood if President Morsi is forced to step down makes [me], my family, and all Christians of Egypt cry out: 'Ya Rab,' which means: 'Oh Lord.'"

For almost 60 years, Open Doors has worked in the world's most oppressive and restrictive countries, strengthening Christians to stand strong in the face of persecution and equipping them to shine Christ's light in these places.

Open Doors empowers persecuted Christians by supplying Bibles and Christian literature, training Christian leaders, facilitating social/economic projects, and uniting believers in the West in prayer for Christians, who are the most persecuted religious group in the world and are oppressed in at least 60 countries.


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