LTC Nepal Christmas 2008

Love The Children (LTC) Project – Nepal Christmas 2008

Once again, the Christians In Crisis Love the Children (LTC) Project is providing an opportunity to bless children in Nepal this Christmas.  For only $3 a child in Nepal can have a good meal and a Christmas gift.  

If you would like to make a donation for this project, please use the "Make a Donation" button on the left side of the webpage.  Please type 'Nepal' in the 'Purpose' box.  Any funds received by November 24th, should reach our contact in time for the Christmas parties scheduled for early December.  Any donations received after this date will be sent for future outreaches for the poor children in Nepal.

Please see below for a note from our partner ministry in Nepal.  Thank you in advance for caring for these precious children!


Greetings from kathmandu!

If you 're visiting Nepal for the first time here are common seen to look out for “ temples” Kathmandu is a city with so many Buddhist and Hindu temples, you could find a bunch temples within a block “traffic jam” numbers of cars and motorbikes on the street of Nepal is increasing on daily bases , while the road remain they same since 1950s, narrow street and unplanned city, "street dogs"  street here are full of dogs without owner nor someone to look after them, it is disgusting to see some of them that need some urgent medical attention and last but not the least "street kids" you will found kids begging with one hand, and sniffing glues with other hands on  dirty, smelling and tittered cloths one head and begging with the other from the motorist, or you find the picking reusable or recyclable materials at the  dumps over the city without foot wears,  some as little as 4 years.

The question is where are their families or relatives? What is the government of Nepal doing about these kids? well the answers are simple nothing,  it's shocking to see the way this society treat these kids, people mistreat dogs on the street for sure, but the hatred the street  kids more, Nepalese will give street dogs food, which their Hindu religion encourages, beside dog have it day in Nepal, once in a year dogs are reverend and worship (khukuru Puja) it is fun to see  dogs with red "tika" on its forehead and flowers on its necks all over Nepal, after that day they'll be kicking dogs around like no one business.

You could see how fast these kids  clinch to gangs, drugs, sex, crime, substance abuse, these made the society hated them more ,  always on their heel for the authority, often lock up by police who sometimes took all they have worked or begged for the whole day,  sexual exploited by sexual predator, pedophilia, follow street kids, Nepalese and foreign tourist alike, exploited labor wise by recycles business owners, eating places, bus drivers, who use them in to run their business, the become a breeding ground for criminals, illiterates and left behind "Kate" that is what their name signify in Nepali language.

It is estimated that are over 40 thousand of such kid all over the Nepal,  neglect, economical difficulty, decade old war in Nepal are the issue that fuel their numbers, when a family that make less than a dollar is displaced or its bread winner killed or bread winners migrated in search of job or better future, women and children will be left behind to arch out a living, kids have to go out to found something to eat, some women do elope with another man to survives, a system that the culture here detest, children from such union, always felt the crunch, father is not around, mother ran away with another man, these are contributing factor or the major issue that  fuel this menace call street children in Nepal.

Girl among such kids will be marry off by her family or send them to work as domestic help in the city, many end up in dance restaurant in Kathmandu (nude dance) the unfortunate ones found themselves in a brothel in India, on the promise of a better job and better life in the city, most victims of this practices are children from hill part and western of Nepal.

fighting off cold on the street, the kids were lure into sniffing glues,  drugs, and to  meet up with  substance addiction, some get into flesh trade, or into petty crime, at their young age, It is believe that 50% are h.i.v. Positive, which the contracted from common uses of drug, the infected ones spread the decease by common use of stringe , and having unprotected sex with strangers.  Part two of this report will be coming your ways soon.

Our Annual Christmas party for kids in Nepal is approaching, it cost about $3 per child to get a decent meal and a Christmas gifts to kids in Nepal

Your prayers and supports will be highly appreciated.

Help us in building a Day care for street kids in Nepal.

We need your prayers on our, women education program, church activities, radio program, Christmas parties for poor kids,

Blessing from above


Please see below for pictures from the 2007 Christmas party and other activities for the street kids.

From CJ 11/2008

Pictures from Christmas 2004

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