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Christians In Crisis has huge opportunities to impact the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries as you partner with us in meeting the many great needs of poor communities. Our affiliate ministry, Christians In Crisis Philippines is working diligently to meet the needs of impoverished families, pastors, and churches to meet the spiritual as well as temporal needs of those affected by poverty and natural disasters. Partner with us as Matilda and I spearhead this these exciting opportunities to our homeland and other Asian countries. Some of the projects, which are in progress are detailed below:

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Christians in Crisis has planted the Net of Life Christian Church in Teresa, Rizal, Philippines. Starting out with a shelter made of a plastic roof with dirt floors, the church has grown and now has several more church plants. The sanctuary still needs much work (50% complete with concrete/cement floors). There are opportunities to raise new leaders/pastors, but they need monthly financial support to continue the ministry. Another Church was planted in the village of Matilda (our 2nd church plant in the area), and another one is planned in the adjacent village of former slum dwellers who were relocated to this present site by the local government. We also need to build another sanctuary in this village. It will be the first church ever to be planted in the village. We desire to see more churches planted in the Philippines, to reach those who do not know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

More often than not, a missionary or pastor in the Philippines must hold other employment in order to make a living, leaving not enough finances for furthering their education through training and seminars. Many are serving the Lord, yet in need of the basics of life to support their families in a sufficient way. A Missionary, Pastor or Evangelist Needs The Support of the Body of Christ at $50 per month.


   Help support a Missionary, Pastor or Evangelist

   Church Building - The cost of building a church is $1,500 per building.
   Ground must be rented or purchased
   Building supplies must be obtained


Once planted and built, these churches must be supplied with items such as:

   Musical instruments
   Sound systems
   Overhead projectors



As they grow they are in need of supplies such as:

   Bibles in their native language
   Sunday school materials
   Library materials
   Song books
   Resources for evangelism



Many of the people in these congregations come from poverty and disaster stricken areas, you can help with their needs such as:

   Food aid packs of rice and canned food for $30 per month per family



The needs are so many to list for children among the poverty stricken villages of the Philippines, but you can help, with those needs, by viewing our Love the Children Program.



The ministry is always receiving materials to furnish to those suffering from poverty in need. A great way to assist CIC is to sponsor a box for shipping. Shipping to the Philippines costs the ministry $65.00 per box.  Please consider becoming a shipping partner with the ministry.

We thank you for taking the time to look through these projects. Now we ask that you pray and ask the Holy Spirit if you are to be involved. If the answer is yes, you may contribute to any project listed above by making your check payable to the address shown below, being sure to show the project name in the memo portion of your check.

If you wish to donate to special projects in Philippines, you may send secure donations by clicking on the Donate button on the left or send a check to our PO Box and specify what you would like it to be used for.


If you would like to help, please click here to donate funding to this project through our secure server.  Select “General” in the drop down menu, and make notation in the special instructions which special project(s).  You may also give a gift in honor of or in memory of a special person in your life.

Note: We reserve the right to re-designate funding to urgent needs, if the situation arises. A small percentage will help with administrative expenses

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