Updates on Pastor Wally and COVID situation

September 22 ... PRAISE REPORT!

SM and I were just with my surgeon this morning and after looking at the X-rays of my chest he said that everything looked good and THE HOLE IN MY RIGHT LUNG  HAS CLOSED AND TOTALLY HEALED IN JESUS' GREAT NAME! PRAISE GOD!

This is indeed an answer to all our prayers. I'm overwhelmed at how ABBA FATHER has guided the surgeon's hands and how he graciously walks me trough all the pains and challenges as I adjust and recover from COVID and my lung surgeries. SM has remained strong in her faith as she faithfully made sure that I am well cared for 24/7. I am humbled in thanking to the LORD for her love and for each one of you who prayed and continue to pray for my complete healing and full recover.

Rejoice with me and my family in celebration of the goodness of GOD! He is worthy of all praise, honor and glory in JESUS' Name!

Forever Grateful,

Pastor Wally and Family


September 10 ...

Here I am to WORSHIP ... Here I am to bow down ... Here I am to say that You're my God!


It's another wonderful day to live and enjoy life from ABBA FATHER.

Thank you my precious family and friends for your constant prayers, kind words of encouragement and your thoughtfulness. I was praying earlier with tears running down my face as the SPIRIT led me to thank and praise GOD for each one of you. I am overwhelmed by His unfailing goodness and faithfulness, and couldn't help but worship the LORD. I was totally soaked i His presence even as His gentle touch reminded me not to attempt any shortcuts to my healing. I also want to be very careful not to deny the power of His touch that can fully heal, deliver and completely restore me. I strongly believe that the LORD is using my health challenges and circumstances to prepare me as He works nonstop to make me, mold me, and transform me.


I pray that you will also get a touch from GOD's SPIRIT as you begin your day. May we be found living a life of worship that glorifies our ABBA FATHER in JESUS' Name.


Happy morning to you and your family. - SM and I love you with the love of the LORD.


-PW & SM


September 8, 2020 ... Praise God ... Pastor Wally was able to have his chest tube removed today! This is a major step in complete recovery!!! Please continue to join us in praying for his total healing, in Jesus' Might Name! Amen ... THANK YOU FOR YOUR FAITHFULNESS AND INTERCESSION!


September 4 ... From Pastor Wally: "Just been with the surgeon and after checking my chest tube drain he recommended waiting until next Tuesday, September 8, to remove the chest tube. Thanks to your prayers I continue to gain strength and had a better sleep rest last night and coughing has lessened.

Still breathing oxygen-free on my third straight day. GOD IS GOOD!

Appreciate your thoughtfulness and prayers for my complete recovery.

Love in CHRIST - PW & SM


August 29 ... Good News ... Pastor Wally says he's getting stronger day by day despite the chest tube and coughs ... He is still not able to sleep through the night due to bothersome coughing. Please pray with us the coughing will stop very soon.  Matilda and Preshus are doing a fantastic job taking care of him, of course! Pastor Wally says, "I thank GOD every day for Matilda and Preshus and for everyone who prayed and continue to pray for my healing! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!!"

At his doctor's appointment this past week, the doctor said they may be able to remove the chest tube soon!

Another bit of good news ... Brother Louie, who was also struggling with COVID and you prayed for, is now being discharged from the hospital! His wife also wants to thank Pastor Wally and you, the CIC intercessors for praying for them.


August 22 ... Pastor Wally, Matilda and Preshus are rejoicing today since Preshus was able to return home for a time. Please pray for a wonderful birthday weekend for Pastor Wally and please continue to pray for total healing for Pastor Wally and Matilda, also! Thank you!!!

August 21 ... I spoke with Pastor Wally a couple days ago and he was not feeling well. Yesterday morning, he said he got up feeling much better! Praise God!!! His birthday is this weekend, if you would like to send greetings you may do so here. I will compile all and forward to him. Thank you!

August 20 ... 12:30pm ... Pastor Wally's birthday is this weekend ... please continue to pray for strength and healing!!! Thank you - we appreciate you so much!

August 17 ... 7:15pm ... From Preshus: "My dad is at home and encouraged to rest, get proper nutrition, and do chest breathing exercises for his recovery. He has one chest tube in place and has supplemental oxygen support. He is trying to manage the pain without medications. Please join us in rebuking pain, fluid/airpockets trapped in the lungs, infections, and any worries/anxiety. We're praising God and proclaiming strength, encouragement, and complete healing in Jesus' Name!"

It was a great blessing for me to speak with Pastor Wally today, it's been such a long time since I spoke with him last. He said he went home last Friday and is still very weak. He said they did send him home with pain meds but he doesn't want to rely on them. When he has pain, he prays and asks "... Jesus to heal the pain. Our reliance is upon the LORD not upon the ways of man, He will never leave me nor forsake me. He will uphold me with His righteous right hand ..." 

He said Matilda also has physical challenges and she's been caring for him 24/7 since he's been home and it's hard on her, too. Please pray they can get some help at home, they do need it at this time. It sounds as though it could be awhile before things are physically a lot better, especially since he was basically hospitalized for six weeks. I'm thinking there might be other medical equipment that could make their lives easier if they were able to get it, perhaps a hospital bed and portable oxygen for when doctor's visits are necessary. I think they both need some encouragement from our sweet Savior and His children. Thank you for your continued intercession, it's so important!

Please pray also for provision and all that is needed to see this faithful couple both well and able to continue as they have been called by GOD, sharing the Gospel and being a blessing to so many.

We pray God's blessings, grace and mercy to fall upon each of you, and that you will stay safe and well, in Jesus' Mighty Name!


August 12 ... 8:00pm ... There weren't any changes with the chest x-ray taken at 12pm compared to the chest x-ray taken at 5am so they will keep the water seal chest tube for now which allows the fluid to flow out naturally (as opposed to the suction). This is progress towards complete healing. Hallelujah! Thank you for continuing to pray with and for my family! No news yet on when he might get to go home.

August 12 ... 11:00am ... From Preshus: At 5am this morning they took a chest x-ray on my dad. They then removed the suction from the chest tubes and placed a water seal instead. They are closely monitoring how he responds and will take another chest x-ray at 12pm. This time is very critical because my dad's response may go either way. Please join us in praying that my dad will respond positively and no longer need the suction in Jesus' name. We praise God for His healing power in my dad's life! He has been getting stronger to the glory of God!


August 7 ... 3:00pm ... Also good news that Pastor Wally's latest COVID test came back negative, Praise GOD!

August 7 ... 11:00am ... From Preshus: "The doctor just came in and said that my dad had some necrosis so they had to cut out dead lung tissue.

The doctor also said my dad's lung is very sick. During the surgery they found some pus and there's still infection so they're giving my dad antibiotics. There are 2 chest tubes placed to suction out the lungs until the lungs heal. It will just take time to heal because it's as if my dad has a serious lung injury.

The doctor is optimistic that they won't have to do any other things. We praise God! He said that my dad should heal okay. In the mean time, my dad needs to gain strength through nutrition and doing simple exercises.

Although this has been challenging for my family and I, we thank God that we are moving in the right direction by His mighty hand! My dad is in good spirits and is feeling so much better physically, spiritually, and emotionally. We, as a family, are encouraged that the doctor clearly explained the problem and how it's being fixed. My dad is on his way to full recovery to the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus!"

Again, we are so thankful and grateful to you for standing in prayer for Pastor Wally. We pray for His bountiful blessings to surround you and every need to be met for you and those you love. In the Mighty name of Jesus amen!!!


August 6 ... 8:00pm ... Earlier today ... Preshus texted that Pastor Wally was being taken to surgery just after 1pm. Just after 5pm, Preshus texted he was out of surgery and awake. Around 7:30, Preshus and Matilda had not been told what the surgery did.  He does have two chest tubes and said he has some pain but it's manageable. Preshus said: "From my understanding, they did a video assisted thoracotomy to look into his lungs and try to clean it out. He is currently in a surgical recovery room." 

Sadly, of course, Matilda is not able to be with him because of COVID restrictions. We should have more information tomorrow.

Again, thank you for your continued prayers for each one!

Father, we ask again for healing for Pastor Wally, comfort and peace for the whole family. We realize that there are thousands of others who are dealing with COVID and it's after effects. We pray for each of them and their families, also. May You, Father, touch each one in the particular way they all need. May all be healed and draw closer to You.  We thank You for all in the medical field who have given so much during this difficult time, but we recognize You are the Great Physician. Thank You, LORD, for Your grace and mercy, wisdom and peace, for Your beautiful Presence in our lives. In the Mighty Name of Jesus, amen.


August 5 ... 6:30pm ... From Preshus: My dad has been readmitted and they will do a bronchoscopy on him tomorrow so the doctors can look at his air passageways and lungs to determine how to move forward. They did not allow my mom to stay with him due to hospital policy of no visitors during the covid pandemic. This was very hard on both of them. (The good news is) generally speaking he is stronger. Please ontinue to pray for my dad's healing and that the Lord will strengthen both my parents during this difficult time.

Father, please heal Pastor Wally completely and soon. Provide protection, peace and comfort over him, Matilda and Preshus ... and give each of them supernatural rest tonight.  In the Mighty Name of Jesus, amen!

August 5 ... 10:37am ... Just heard from Preshus that Pastor Wally and Matilda are on the way to the hospital right now. Please lift him up!

August 5 ... 10:00am ... Yesterday there was some concern for Pastor Wally because of fluid and air leaking from the incision where his chest tube was. Matilda consulted by phone with two different doctors and the last one told her everything was fine, not to worry. Last night about 11:30, I got the following from Preshus:

"The nurse just called my parents saying that my dad needs to be brought into the ER tomorrow (this) morning for chest x-ay and CT scan to determine if he needs surgery. If he does need surgery, he will be readmitted. My dad doesn't like the thought of surgery and being readmitted so please join us in praying for God's supernatural intervention! We know that nothing is impossible in Jesus' name! Please pray that God will remove fear, anxiety, and doubt from my dad."


August 2 ... 8:30pm ... From Preshus: "Everything is set up in the house now, most importantly the oxygen concentrator. Things are going well. My dad is at home with my mom and he has been pretty stable, his oxygen tends to drop when he moves out of the bed. Please continue to pray for strength and completed healing in Jesus' Name"

Thank You once again Father! We praise Your Name and ask You to bless Your children who continue to pray for Pastor Wally and the whole world in need. In Jesus' Mighty Name, amen!


August 1 ... 6:00pm ... By God's grace, Pastor Wally is stable. He will be back home again once the oxygen equipment is set up in the house for him. That was to be done before he was discharged, but wasn't. Neither Matilda nor Pastor Wally were given any  instructions regarding the oxygen, and he was brought home last night with only one portable oxygen tank which they found out today only lasts 4 hours. Sadly, there were lots of mistakes involved with his discharge. BUT GOD ... we praise Him for watching over Pastor Wally and Matilda. This had to be a harrowing experience for them both, and for Preshus being so far away.

We thank you once again for your powerful intercession.

August 1 ... 2:15pm ... Just in from Preshus: "Please pray for my dad. The oxygen tank was empty this morning and he had to be rushed to the ER."  No further info at this time. Will update as soon as I hear.


July 31 ... 9:00pm central time ... Just in from Preshus: Pastor Wally was just taken to his home by ambulance. They said he was stable enough to go home with portable oxygen tank, he's on 3 liters of oxygen support. The fluid buildup should heal itself. He was brought in on a stretcher because he's still so weak. They have to quarantine for another 14 days, but he's overjoyed to be home with Matilda.

We thank GOD for His love and faithfulness. Praying Pastor Wally and Matilda (and Preshus, too) will have a good and restful night and that Pastor Wally's strength will return quickly now that he's home. Father, please protect, continue Your healing and bless this family who have loved and served You selflessly for so long. In the Mighty Name of Jesus, amen!

"Our heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation to all of you for your prayers, your concerns, your love and support. The Lord has heard and answered all of our prayers. I am so grateful to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit for helping me throughout this very challenging ordeal. To Him be all the praise, the honor, and the glory now and forevermore in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen" ---PW



July 29 ... 9:00pm ... Preshus: "Not many changes. There have been some chest x-rays taken and they are continuing to monitor my dad, specifically paying close attention to his lungs. Please continue to pray that my dad's lungs will gain strength and function normally and that there won't be any fluid build up in the mighty name of Jesus!"

July 29 ... 12:00pm ... Matilda said the doctor came in and said the tube is almost out based on the x-ray and he has to remove it. They will have to observe the lungs again. If there are still fluids or if his lungs collapse, he wil be referred to thoracic surgeon. Please pray that the fluids will be minimal and he is done with the tube. They will do another x-ray this afternoon and observe for another day or two. We are praying it will heal by itself. His strength is about the same as before. The nurse is keeping him in bed with instructions to let her know if he will experience any difficulty breathing or any changes. He has finished Covid treatments, right now they are treating his lungs and blood sugar. It seems like these are the side/after affects of Covid.


July 28 ... 11:30pm ... Preshus said there is still fluid in Pastor Wally's right lung so they will take another chest x-ray tomorrow morning.


July 27 ... 8:00pm ... From Preshus: "They removed the suction attached to the chest tube to drain out the fluid from my dad's right lung. They will monitor how he responds and if he is stable throughout the night then they will take a chest x-ray tomorrow monring to determine how to move forward. If there isn't much fluid in his right lung then they may decide to place a smaller tube or they may completely remove the chest tube. Please continue to join us in praying for my dad, that his blood sugar levels will be controlled, that there will be no more fluid in his lungs and for God's healing power in my dad's life!"

Abba Father, we thank You so much for Your healing touch for Pastor Wally! Please continue until his healing is complete! In Jesus' Mighty Name, Amen!


July 26 ... 11:15pm ... Pastor Wally did well today, nothing major to report. He still has chest tube. Please continue to keep him in prayer that he will be completely healed and regain strength so that he can go home!  Thank you so much!!!


July 25 ... 9:00pm ... From Matilda tonight: "God is good. PW had exercise, standing up. walking slowly few steps forward and backward then back to bed. I think this caused pain on his tube so they gave him pain medications and he had an afternoon nap. He's still in bed most of the time because of this tube. Let's continue praying for him until that tube is out and until he's discharged from the hospital."

Amen! Prayer is continued! Thank you for your help in this!!!


July 24 ... 10:24pm ... After more than 3 weeks in ICU, Pastor Wally is in a regular room! Praise GOD! Thank you everyone for your faithful and powerful prayers and to our wonderful JESUS for His mighty Presence and healing touch. Preshus said his blood sugar is still fluctuating and this morning his chest tube was leaking. He still has some difficulty moving around but generally his countenance is better and is talking easier. Please pray that Pastor Wally's blood sugar levels will be controlled and his chest tube will remain clear. Please also pray for his body to quickly regain strength so he can go home! THANK YOU!


July 23 ... 8:00pm ... From Preshus: "Praise the Lord, my dad is stable and he's doing well. Please pray that his blood sugar will not fluctuate so much."  Thank You, Jesus!!!


July 22 ... 2:15pm ... From Preshus: My dad's oxygen support is 4 liters and he's doing good. They plan to remove the chest tube within 24-48 hours depending on if fluid is still draining from the lungs. Thank you for your continued prayers! Praise God my dad is improving!


July 21 ... 9:00pm ... Just in: "They had to replace the dressing around his chest tube earlier because it was leakingand they're regularly giving him pain medications so he doesn't feel the discomfort from the chest tube. He says he's feeling better today and he is now on 6 liters of oxygen! Praise God! AND, he has a good appetite for dinner!"

Yes, LORD, thank YOU!

July 21 ... 11:50am ... Word from Preshus: "Praise God! The doctor came in and said that my dad is improving. My dad is currently on 20 liters of oxygen support. He has an infection in his right lung so they're giving him a strong antibiotic and the chest tube will be draining the bad fluid out from his right lung for the next couple of days. Thank you for joining us in prayer, we praise God for the victories whether big or small! We're believing God for my dad's complete healing in Jesus' name!"

We raise a Hallelujah in the presence of our enemies!


July 20 ... 8:30pm ... Preshus: "Post-op x-ray looks good, praise God!"

July 20 ... 6:45pm ... The procedure did not begin until about 4:45pm. News from Preshus and Matilda: "My dad was given morphine for pain and versed as a sedative prior to the procedure (thoracostamy). The procedure went well and they are done now. The doctor placed a chest tube to drain the fluid from my dad's right lung. They still need to take a chest x-ray to make sure that the chest tube is placed in the right position. My dad's vital signs are good, he's just resting.  The procedure was done in his room. As we continue to believe God for my dad's healing, please pray that the chest tube is positioned correctly, that there will be mo adverse reactions to the procedure and/or medications, and that my dad's blood sugar levels will be controlled."

Thank you for your continued prayers for complete healing for Pastor Wally ... please Father, no more delay!!!

July 20 ... 11:am central time ... Preshus just said the doctors are planning to remove the fluid from Pastor Wally's right lung in the next hour. Prayers much appreciated!


July 19 ... 10:30pm ... From Preshus: "The doctor said that tomorrow they will drain fluid out of my dad's right lung. Please pray for the procedure tomorrow, the doctors, nurses, staff, medications and instruments involved. Please also pray that my dad will be able to rest comfortably tonight. God is faithful and we continue to place our faith in Him."  Matilda told me the doctors ask Pastor Wally to lay on his stomach which helps his lungs. Also she said they do some type of nebulizer treatment, but I'm not sure of medication they use. Praying for a good tonight and tomorrow for all.


July 18 ... 10:30pm ... As you know, a couple of days ago things seemed to be looking up. Yesterday, he did not have physical therapy because he was very tired. His blood sugar went down and he did not have a good appetite. I finally just called Matilda since I  hadn't heard any more. I believe they are all very discouraged and in need of encouragement and uplifting. Pastor Wally had some difficult coughing early this morning. Matilda and Preshus monitor FaceTime with him nearly 24/7 (thankfully the hospital allows them all to do that). His oxygen was increased to maximum level (40 liters). I believe now it is down to 30 liters. He still has no appetite and his blood sugar keeps fluctuating. Obviously since it is so hard for him, it is hard on his girls, too. He was calling for Matilda so I didn't get to talk to her more. I know that he must be very weak since he has been battling this since June 19. Please continue with your sacrifice of prayer for Pastor Wally, Matilda and Preshus. It is greatly needed and very much appreciated. God bless you real good.


July 16 ... 8:30pm ... From Matilda: "PW is doing better! His physical therapist had him standing and walking in place this morning! Oxygen level  is still 6 liters. PTL"  Thank You Jesus! And, thank you for continuing to pray, we are so grateful!


July 15 ... 2:30PM ... Just in from Preshus: My dad's oxygen support is down to 5 liters! He has been sitting in a chair for almost 2 hours now when the last time they tried to get my dad to sit in a chair he would struggle breathing after just a couple of minutes. Since he is greatly improving they decided an ultrasound isn't needed at this time. They will monitor my dad for the next 2 days but if he continues to progress like he is today then he will be transferred to a regular room soon. Praise the Lord!" ... AMEN, Thank YOU JESUS!!! Let's continue to pray and see God's healing completed!


July 14 ... 9:00pm ... Preshus just let me know that the CT chest scan was not done today because he has been stable today and his oxygen levels have not been dropping. Instead they plan to do an ultra sound tomorrow. Then, if needed, they'll do a thoracentesis (removing the excess fluid in his lung with a needle). Please continue to pray for a peaceful and restful night with good sound sleep; that Pastor Wally will receive encouragement and peace from our Jesus; and that he will soon be totally healed and serving GOD again, as he does so well! Thank you again, dear intercessors! May God's blessings be yours!

July 14 ... 3:00pm ... Pastor Wally will be getting a CT chest scan today to evaluate the fluid buildup (called effusion) in his right lung. Depending on what they see, they may give him a diuretic medication (called Lasix), and/or if the fluid buildup is more extensive then they may need to use a chest tube (catheter). Please continue to keep him in your prayers, I know the Lord hears and answers our prayers.

He is having to manage so much pain and discomfort from coughing, blood sugar levels going up and down, body aches, bed sores, lip sores and sie affects from his medications. Please pray for encouragement and strength from the LORD.

July 14 ... 1:45pm ... Preshus told me Pastor Wally seems to be struggling mentally and emotionally. Please continue to keep him in your prayers that the LORD will encourage and strengthen him as He heals him in Jesus' Name! Also, we find that Pastor Wally is now on 24 liters of oxygen rather than 30, so he's making some progress! Praise God for each step in the right direction!


July 13 ... 9:45pm ... Preshus said there didn't seem to be many changes today, but Pastor Wally is stable. She thinks he is currently on 30 liters of oxygen. Please pray for good rest for the night ... that fear, anxiety, nor cough will bother him!

July 13 ... 12:30pm ... Pastor Wally woke up early this morning with a panic attach. Please pray that the LORD will remove any anxiety and fear because those things contribute to him having difficulty breathing. Also, the doctor came in just a bit ago and is going to give him medication that is supposed to help when there is fluid buildp in the lungs. Pastor Wally asked the doctor if the medication will help. The doctor said, "we'll see." They are not sure what they see in the chest x-ray but if what they see in his right lung is fluid buildup then the medication should help. Please contine to pray for Pastor Wally, Matilda and Preshus. So very hard on all of them, of course. Our gratitude for your praying cannot be adequately expressed.


July 12 ... 9:15pm ... Preshus doesn't know the numbers at present, but nurse said he's doing well! Thank you again! Your prayers are moving the Hand of God!

July 12 ... 6:15pm ... Just got word from Preshus that Pastor Wally is back to 32 liters of oxygen. Please continue to pray for healing!!!

July 12 ... 2:45pm ... Preshus said the chest x-ray shows pneumonia in Pastor Wally's right lung. This concerns them, so they are keeping him in ICU and giving him some antibiotics. Father, thank You in advance for Pastor Wally's healilng ... it is done ... in Jesus' Mighty Name, amen!

July 12 ... 1:15pm ... Roller coaster ride this morning. Preshus send text about 11am ... that Pastor Wally has been on 6 liters of oxygen. They were about to take a chest x-ray and do echo on his heart, then they planned on moving him to a regular room today! ... About half hour - or 45 minutes later another text ... "My dad was doing so well this morning but now his oxygen level is dropping again. They're monitoring him and waiting on moving him for now."  Please pray with us again that his healing be complete and irreversible! Total, even 110% healing!!! Thank you for continuing to stand in the gap for Pastor Wally!


July 11 ... 8:30pm ... From Preshus: Please pray that my dad's blood sugar will be controlled and he'll respond to medications. Please also pray that my dad will be able to sleep soundly again tonight without the cough bothering him. Thank you everyone!!!

July 10 ... 10:00pm ... GLORY TO GOD! Wonderful report tonight!!!  From Matilda: "Just this afternoon, PW has improved a lot  - they changed his oxygen from 40 liters to 6 and no coughing anymore and PW had a smile on his face while Preshus and I were praising and worshiping our living God. PLEASE CONTINUE PRAYING FOR HIM TO HAVE A SPEEDY RECOVERY."  Wow, we're all so thankful! Preshus said he's still not back to normal, but definitely feelig better!

Big thanks to everyone who prayed and to those who sent messages. All those will be delivered to Matilda and Preshus. Also for those who mentioned treatments, those also have been passed along. I have asked about current meds but we don't have definite info on that. I know that previously he had received Remdesivir and some of the plasma, I believe it was from those who had recovered.

Thank you all once again for praying so hard for Pastor Wally! From now on, providing there are no more urgent needs, I will update here online, hopefully once or twice daily as I receive reports.  Please feel free to check back and feel free to send any messages for PW, Matilda and Preshus! We love each one of you!

Paul from CIC discovered the following today and sent to Matilda, also. As far as I know, it has not been tried for PW, but perhaps this will help someone else ... please watch!


July 10 ... 10:00am ... PLEASE PRAY HARD AGAIN ... Matilda said Pastor Wally did not sleep good last night, the nurse was with him most of the night. He's struggling with coughing and breathing. Please continue to pray!


July 9 ... 9:45pm ... Preshus wasn't able to get a report from the nurse this evening, but she said Pastor Wally looks better than he did this moring ... we'll take it! I'm believing he's improving every minute, how about you? Let's continue to pray for good rest every night! Thanks!!!


July 9 ... 11:30AM ... Not much change from last evening. Pastor Wally still on 28 liters of oxygen. Thankful for stable statistics, but I'm believing he will improve today! Matilda said last evening his nurse said he is improving. Possibly in a few days they will change the nasal tubes so he can move around more. Please continue to pray for good rest throughout the nights and steady healing! Also for Kayla, she had a hard day a couple of days ago, but slept much of yesterday, so not as much coughing. Touch her, Father! Heal this young lady in Jesus' Name!


July 8 ... 8:30pm ... Just heard from Preshus ... "My dad is improving, praise the LORD! This morning he was needing 37 liters of oxygen and now he's needing 28 liters of oxygen. The less he depends o the oxygen tanks, the better! We are moving in the right direction. All glory to our GOD!" All three of these precious ones are doing much better now ... they can FaceTime nonstop ;0)  Please continue to pray that Pastor Wally will rest well throughout each night, get stronger each minute and  give up that ICU bed! Thank you so much!

Update on Kayla ... Kayla is 21 and her last name is Woodley..  Yesterday was another very rough day for her and she spent most of the day in emergency on oxygen. However, the hospital discharged her about 8:00 last night.  Today is Day 13 (I think, or maybe 12) and the emergency doctor phoned Lisa to say that with serious COVID cases like this, usually around Day 14 or 15 the patient either begins to have a significant change for the better or things start going the other way. My whole family and I appreciate so very much your prayers.

Thank you for continuing to pray for Kayla and Pastor Roger!


July 8 ... 11am ... Preshus reports that Pastor Wally rested better last night which is an answer to prayer! This morning they have him sitting in a chair, whichis a good sign that they're trying to have him regain strength. Please pray that he doesn't get any lower back pain/soreness from the chair which he had last time. We are all so grateful for your continued prayer support!


July 7 ... 7:45pm ... Good report! Preshus said the LORD has lifted Pastor Wally's spirits! He seems more light-hearted and less down today. Preshus and Matilda have been able to face time with him this evening after not being able to make contact with him personally for a time. Preshus said he looks good! Prayer still definitely needed because the numbers haven't changed that much, but I think they are all relieved tonight! Again, we thank you for your powerful intercession on behalf of these precious servants of our Jesus! ... just in from Preshus ... "please pray that Pastor Wally will rest well throughout the night. He tends to feel most emotional and down when he's awake during the night."


July 7 ... 2:45pm ... It sounds as though Pastor Wally is hanging in there, Preshus said not getting worse or better. Perhaps that's good so maybe his body is resting up to fight back this terrible disease. I will update more as I hear.


July 6 ... 8:30pm central ... Preshus texted "Please keep my dad's heart, mind, and spirit in prayers in addition to his physical body. I think he's been feeling down and it's affecting his recovery." He has been resting. He's aware but probably going in and out of sleep. Preshus and Matilda are trying to stay strong for him, but it's very hard for them to see him like this. Please continue to pray for each one as there are a lot of parallels to their experience in the Middle East many years ago. We have also been asked to pray for Kayla with COVID, in her 20s, had been improving but also started having trouble breathing and with oxygen levels. Thanks for including her and all who are in similar situations!


July 6 ... 2:45pm ... Preshus texted that Pastor Wally has not been intubated and is resting right now. Thank you SO much for helping to make this happen by petitioning our Great Physician!


July 6 ... 10am central ... PLEASE PRAY NOW. Pastor Wally is struggling, back on 40% oxygen, docs are considering intubation. My internet is acting up, I can't get to intercessors list to email.


July 5 ... 6:45pm ...  Preshus said ... "The doctor wasn't very encouraging this morning. He said that my dad's numbers aren't good, but he looks better than his numbers. The doctor says my dad will be in the hospital for awhile. But we kow that Jesus has the final say and are encouraged in Christ. It's just hard to hear that from the doctor. The main thing is how much assistance my dad needs from oxygen tanks to get the oxygen levels that he needs. This morning my dad was requiring 40 liters of oxyten to keep his oxygen levels up and now he needs 28 liters of oxygen! The less he depends on oxygen tanks, the better! Praise the Lord our God is awesome! Still not where it needs to be but we're moving in the right direction. The Lord is hearing and answering our prayers."  Thanks so much, everyone, for continuing to pray for Pastor Wally, Matilda and Preshus.


July 5 ... 12:45pm ... I just got a text from Matilda, she said 'THE DOCTOR JUST CAME IN AND SAID THE NUMBERS ARE NOT LOOKING GOOD." ... I asked what to specifically pray for and she didn't know. She is quite upset, I'm sure. PLEASE PRAY! I will add another update here as soon as I learn anything. Thank you!!!


July 5 ... 11am ... from Pastor Wally's daughter:

"My mom and I want to thank everyone praying for my dad - Pastor Wally. He is needing a lot of assistance from oxygen tanks to help him breath. But praise God my dad is conscious and aware! He minimizes his talking and movements since it causes his oxygen levels to fluctuate. By the grace of God, my dad's body is responding positively to medications. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. We have faith in a mighty God that heals and my dad will be healed in Jesus name!"


July 4 ... 7:45pm Update ... I just spoke with Matilda. She said Pastor Wally had his 2nd dose of Remdesivir today and I think another plasma treatment. He still has a cough, but I believe is feeling better. Matilda said that she, Preshus, and Pastor Wally had a face time call this afternoon. Apparently Pastor Wally isn't supposed to speak, but he was smiling as Preshus led them in worship to the LORD (the best medicine!). His oxygen is 93%. Earlier today Preshus said he had been having pain in his lower back and right side, so due to the stress of the pain, they had increased his oxygen flow through the nasal tube. Matilda also asked we pray for a friend and supporter of CIC, Pastor Roger, who is waiting results on COVID test. Please ask the LORD to put His hands on the meds Pastor Wally is receiving and the doctors, nurses, and all others caring for  him. Your messages and prayers have meant to much to each of them. Thank you for continuing to pray!


July 4 ... 9am Update ... I spoke with Matilda last evening and she sounded pretty good. She was talking with Pastor Wally through the day yesterday. His oxygen level is up to 94%. He ate breakfast (yesterday)  and asked for more oranges! His appetite is good and he can taste and small. He ate lunch and sat up in the chair a little too long. I believe he had the plasma treatment at some point. Things seem to be looking up! Let's don't stop praying, though! I haven't heard anything yet today, but I will post another update when I do. Thanks for checking! Bless you all for praying!


July 3 ... 10am Update ... Pastor Wally continues to be in ICU, however his temperature has been consistently normal now with no more fever! At 1am this mornng his oxygen level was at 93% with 12 liters of oxygen through  nose tubes ... no ventilator, praise GOD! The last time they checked his blood sugar was pretty hgh around 282. Thank YOU for praying ... God is hearing your prayers!!! Your prayers and God's great mercy and healing touch are making a difference!  Please do continue. We are all so grateful. Updates will be posted here, rather than sending emails and flooding your inboxes.


July 2 ... Pastor Wally and Matilda tested positive for COVID--19. Pastor Wally also has pneumonia and was admitted to ICU. Matilda is quarantined at home for 14 days with no visitors. Their daughter, Preshus, is working out of state. Please pray for this special family. They are the most faithful people to our Jesus I have ever know.

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