2013 January

Iran: Death Sentence
World: Why 'Little Miss Dynamite' is battling for the Persecuted
INDIA: Extremists Attack Satellite Church in Bangalore
TURKEY: Assassination Plot Against Christian Pastor Thwarted
ERITREA: More Than 20 Church Leaders Recently Arrested
Kazakhstan: More people punished for their faith
2 attacks prompt Christians to stop meeting at Indian church
Iran: Lawyers to challenge Abedini's sentencing, but more help is needed
U.S. Representatives demand intervention for persecuted pastor
Islam and Cannibalism
Iran: Convicted
North Korea's Overlooked Atrocities
Under-Reporting Obscures Martyrdom of Christians in India
Kazakhstan: 90 DAYS TO FREEDOM
Religious freedom the focus of briefing in Washington
Pastor waiting for Iran court summons
Appeal will be launched for Convicted American Pastor, sentenced to eight years in Prison in Iran
Iran: Two Ayatollahs Make Anti-Christian Comments to Provoke Authorities against Christians
Iran: Saeed Abedini sentenced to 8 years in prison
Malatya, Turkey: Zirve killers planned Bible publisher murders well in advance
Hamas to establish military academy for Gaza schoolchildren
Blasphemy Appeal for Pakistani Christian Younis Masih has been adjourned until February
Renewed calls for justice, equality and human rights on second anniversary of Arab Spring uprising in Egypt
State Dept. & White House Condemn Iran and Call for Release of Pastor Saeed
Algerian Convert Fights Proselytism Verdict
China Cuts Family Visits Of Jailed Christian
North Korea: Situation remains uncertain as nuclear weapons overshadow human rights
Vietnam's New Religion Decree Termed a Step Backward
RUSSIA (Chechnya): Completion of Bible Translation Provokes Extremists
AZERBAIJAN: Court Ruling Mandates Closure of Greater Grace Church

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