2013 February

Nigerian Town's Christians Paralyzed amid Islamic Extremist Attacks
Nigerian Army Chief Says Officer Had Prior Knowledge of Church Bombing
Pakistan ‘Blasphemy’ Pastor Free After Accuser Admits ‘Mistake’
Eritrean campaign against churches continues
LIBYA: Egyptian Businessman and Associates Imprisoned
Iran: Pastor Irani Still In Need Of Medical Assistance
Captive In Iran Memoir Tells True Story Of Two Iranian Women Imprisoned, Sentenced To Death, Miraculously Freed
‘Christian Disabled Pakistani Shot By Muslim Hardliners’
BREAKING NEWS: Hungary’s Top Court Overturns Controversial Church Law
Deadly religous brawl erupts in Nigeria over soccer field
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin February 2013 Update
Pastor in Pakistan Released on Bail after "Mistaken" Blasphemy Accusation Complainant Withdraws Statement
Tanzanian Attacks against Christians Leave Believers Wary over Future
Sudan Detains Dozens Of Christians; Violence Kills 60
Nigeria Christians Mourn Their Dead After Massacre, Attacks
United States: Egyptian Christian Immigrants Murdered, Beheaded in NJ
More Arrests in Libya after Detention of Foreign Christians
Czech Republic To Pay Churches Billions In Compensation For Communist-Era Suffering
China: Vicious Persecution of Churches in Heilongjiang and Shandong
Pastor Saeed Writes of “Psychological Warfare,” “Physical Violence,” and “Death Threats” in Iranian Prison
Christian Bookstores Raided, Church Buildings Demolished in Sudan
U.S. pastor in jail in Russia
SYRIA: Silent Exodus of Assyrian Christians
INDONESIA: Fire-Bombings Targeted at Churches
TANZANIA: Pastor Killed in Religious-Related Brawl
Four churches targeted in attempted firebombings in Indonesia
Nigeria: Boko Haram's surprise ceasefire: pursue peace but not at any price
Pakistani Judge Throws Out Blasphemy Charge
Sudanese Government Detains Over 50 Christians
Attack on Indian revival meeting sends Christians underground

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