2013 March

Hearing today on reconciling religous freedom and tolerance
Rash of False Accusations Spreading Violence throughout the Heart of South Asia
Another Pakistan shocker: After being acquitted of blasphemy, the case against Christian teenager, Rimsha Masih, is to be reopened
Egyptian Muslims Accuse Priest of Using Black Magic on Muslim Girl
VIETNAM: New Government Policy Undermines Church Movement
IRAN: Asylum Rejected by Swedish Authorities
Christians in India Wounded, Jailed, Expelled
Libya Church Torched After Death Evangelical; Indonesia Church Facing Destruction
Kazakhstan Destroys Bibles, Uzbekistan Attacks Convert
Libyan human-rights official flees country after death threats
US: Briefing to explore the intersection of non-discrimination and religious freedom
Iran Frees Church Of Iran Prisoners
Survivors of Muslim rampage in Pakistan need help
Southeast Asia: Watching Sabah
China: Beijing Shouwang Church Continues With Its Outdoor Worship Services despite Police Arrests and Harassment
Sweden: Another Christian Convert Faces Possible Deportation to Iran
Pakistan: Accused of Blasphemy: Sawan Masih Is Being Held In Police Custody As Christian Community Agonizes Over Savage Violence
China: new leadership and promised reform -- persevering in prayer for China
Five Lives Lost in Attack on Christian Area of Northern Nigeria
Cao Ruyi, whose near-forced abortion case grabbed world headlines, shows off infant son, thanks Congressman Smith in just-released video
India: Persecution briefs for January and February
Kazakhstan: Court orders destruction of religious literature, says Forum 18
Persecution, violence increase in Northern Nigeria
The conference topic: Religious freedom
UK Graphic designer refused job because of his Christian faith
Pakistan Christians Demand Separate Province After Violence
Pakistani Christians told, 'Protest again and you will die'
US, Iran: Taking Pastor Saeed’s Case to Congress
Amid Reforms in Burma, Killiing of Christian Civilians Continues
NIGERIA: Most Dangerous Country for Residing Christians

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