Mob led by Buddhist monks surrounds church, threatens pastor and his family in SRI-LANKA


Date:              March 22, 2013


Sri Lanka flag

18 March, It is reported that a mob of around 20 people including several Buddhist monks, surrounded a house of a Christian pastor and staged a demonstration in Weeraketiya, Sri Lanka.


According to media reports, the mob set fire to tyres placed around the house and threatened the pastor and his family. The mob also hurled stones at the house. As a result of this attack, the pastor's wife was injured in the eye when a stone hurled by the mob shattered a church window.


The latest incident comes after a mob led by Buddhist monks stormed the church in December 2012, issuing an ultimatum to stop church activities or else face the destruction of the church.


The Police are presently carrying out investigations into the incident.


Prayer points:

  • Pray for the pastor and his family that God would heal them of this traumatic experience
  • Pray for the pastor, that he would continue to stand firm in the faith, being a faithful servant of the Gospel
  • Pray that the investigations will be carried out in a just and impartial manner
  • Pray for God's protection over the Church in Sri Lanka

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