2013 May

Presenting Saeed's Case with His Wife Naghmeh before the United Nations on Behalf of 600,000 Who Are Calling for his Freedom
Christians Deported from Morocco Fight to be Reunited with Orphans
Pakistan Court Asked To End Bail Of “Muslim Extremists”
Pakistan Court Condemns Police Over Rape Christian Girl
US: State of the Church update received with mixed feelings
North Korea: Raining Gospel flyers
Not everyone gets to celebrate freedom in Eritrea
Europe Court Rejects Appeal Of Dismissed British Christians
Amid Boko Haram fight, Nigeria pressed on human rights
Unemployed and Christian in Egypt
Blasphemy charges surge in Egypt
Europe Court Hears Appeal Request Of Dismissed British Christians
Human Rights Agency Condemns Laos' Deportation and China's Repatriation of Nine North Korean Refugees; Calls for Their Freedom
Engaging Iran at the United Nations on Behalf of Pastor Saeed Abedini
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin May 2013 Update -- prevailing in prayer for the persecuted church
Iran: Latest Update on Pastor Asseriyan; Fate of the AoG Church Still Unknown
Pakistan: Taliban kidnap young disciple of Christ
Pakistani Christian Family Pressurized by Police to Compromise Charges after Rape
Pastor Gong Shengliang Suffers Stroke in Chinese Prison
British Muslims Condemn Savage Attack and Slaughter
Many Openly Accept Christ Despite Great Opposition on Final Night of Leading The Way To Revival in Indonesia
Iran: Largest Persian Speaking Church in Tehran Closed
Pakistan Police Pressuring Family Of Raped Christian Girl
Nigeria (MNN) -- Nigeria approaches Boko Haram with Dove and Hawk
More action on behalf of kidnapped Syrian church leaders
Prayers from Prison: American Pastor Held in Iran Releases Letter
UZBEKISTAN: Carrying a Bible Considered Criminal Activity
CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: "Reign of Terror" Against Christians
Underground Catholic lost everything in Chinese labor camp, but gained faith
Syria Christians Concerned Over Fate Kidnapped Bishops

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