2013 May

Egypt is at a crossroads, says Coptic Bishop
Why were Hundreds of Religious Organizations in Russia Inspected?
Sudan: Accusations could carry serious consequences for believers
Central African Republic (CAR): threat of the LRA
OIC letter from C African Republic President sought support for Islamic republic
Iran Detains Pastor In Wider Crackdown On Churches
Bangladesh — Islamist protest leaders arrested in wake of Dhaka siege
Minstry embarks on dangerous mission inside Nigeria
Nigeria adds curfew to state of emergency
Iranian Christians face ‘systematic persecution and prosecution’
Egypt Christian Killed In Alexandria Clashes
Iraq Christians Suffer As Violence Kills 140
Calls for Attacks on Christians Emanate from Mosque Loudspeakers in Pakistan Villages
More Christians Killed in Nigeria: Fact Finding Trip
Persecution in Kazakhstan
Two Arrested 14 Years after Missionary Graham Staines' Murder
China: Tight State Controls on Religious Education
Two Christian Churches in Egypt Attacked By Muslims This Week
Anti-Christian Hostility High in Zanzibar as Tanzania Mainland also Heats Up
Civilian Election Transition in Pakistan: Will Religious Minorities Benefit?
Nigeria – Borno Governor says “Boko Haram on verge of seizing control of state”
Missing Syrian Christian surfaces
IRAN: God's Presence Evident in Evin Prison (Pastor Saeed's case)
INDIA: Pastor Beaten During Church Service
SRI LANKA: Religious Persecution Intensifies
TANZANIA: Two Killed and Over 50 Wounded in Church Bombing
Teacher Accused of Blasphemy in Egypt Released on Bail
Nigeria Christians Divided Over Amnesty For Militants Boko Haram
US: WASHINGTON BRAINWAVE: Atheist Condemns Christian Troops
'Brazen' attacks continue in Egypt

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