Bibles for Persecuted Families in Lahore Pakistan


Date:  2013-05-06

By Jeremy Reynalds
Senior Correspondent for ASSIST News Service

LAHORE, PAKISTAN (ANS) -- On March 8, more than 300 families in Lahore, Pakistan, saw their lives changed forever.

One of the Aim4Faith team gives a Bible
to a grateful recipient.

A number of radical Muslims attacked the Joseph colony, looted households and burned homes. Nine Christians were severely injured and hospitalized.

According to an email report from Aim4Faith Ministries, the group reached out door to door to these families and gave them Bibles.

Aim4Faith said those who were attacked are still living in fear because of on going threats from area Muslims. The situation is so bad that many people are not going to work or even shopping for basic needs.

Young people were also affected. Aim4Faith said, "Children are still in fear and they saw the homes burning horrendously in their dreams and still they are not back to schools. Mostly girls and women are still crying when they remember their lovely and beautiful homes which have they seen (burning up) in flames ... "

According to the email, the Aim4Faith ministry team encouraged people by opening up the Bible to them and reminding them that ultimately it is the word of God that satisfies.

Aim4Faith Ministries said the group also wants to help the school children trauma counseling, school supplies, school bags and uniforms.

The ministry added, "Please pray for us and pray for the needs of these school children ... and give them strength to face reality."

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