IRAN: Ebrahim's Temporary Release from Prison


Date:                  May 9, 2013


Source: Mohabat News

Ebrahim Firouzi was temporarily released on bail of 30 million Tomans (approximately $20,000 CDN) on April 29th, 2013, after spending 53 days in Evin prison. Iranian security authorities had arrested the 28-year-old Christian convert for the second time at his workplace on March 7th, 2013, confiscating his personal belongings, including his computer and some Christian literature. For more about this case, go to

Prison and judicial officials had charged Ebrahim with launching and administering a Christian missionary website, distributing Bibles, cooperating with student activists and taking actions against national security. Also, cooperating with Mohabat News was the basis for one of his charges. It has been reported that his next court appearance is scheduled to be held on June 19th.

While we can be thankful for Ebrahim's temporary release, we are reminded of the need to continue praying for his vindication as the date of the upcoming court hearing approaches. May God's favour and peace continue to rest upon this brave young man who has withstood great obstacles and opposition for his Christian faith from governing forces. Ask that the Lord will continue working on his behalf prior to the court case, preparing the hearts of the officials by giving them a reverential fear of God, revealing to them the truth of His Word, and allowing them to experience the reality of His profound presence.

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