Risking All to Remain in Egypt

Source:          www.christianaid.org

Date:             May 9, 2013


The sounds of firing guns and the accompanying shouts and screams have become commonplace background noise for the Christian Aid–assisted ministry leader and his wife.


“We just dream of peace and a stable situation, but each day is worse than the day before,” reported the leader. “People die each day in our blood–covered streets. We try to distract our children from the noise of gunshots that constantly ring out.”

Though they, along with their missionary coworkers, have been spared from harm thus far, they live and work with the idea that every day could be their last.

“They want to get rid of us Christians in any way possible. Maybe tomorrow they will burn our home, or kidnap or attack us.”

Throughout the horror that has unfolded since the election of the Muslim Brotherhood and the new Islamist–backed constitution in December 2012, the ministry leader has provided glimpses into his world, turned completely upside–down.

The unprecedented persecution against Christians has even struck fear into the hearts of the secularists and nominal Muslims. They watch in horror as radical Islamists, emboldened by the silent affirmation of those in authority, rape Christian women in broad daylight. Likewise, men are beaten and churches attacked.

Christians have no recourse, as even the police, who work for the Muslim Brotherhood, are part of the persecution effort against believers. Often it is the victim of an attack who is arrested.

As part of the Islamic regime´s radical control of Egypt, nearly all independent media outlets have been shut down, and concerted efforts are being made to essentially dispose of the judiciary system.

As their country darkens, tens of thousands of Egyptian Christians have fled the nation. Yet the ministry leader and his coworkers are determined to remain, taking every opportunity to share Christ with the hurting and confused masses.


Attending the frequent political gatherings and protests in Egypt´s public squares, the missionaries start conversations and distribute gospel literature. They have also successfully attracted university students to the discipleship and missions training sessions they hold two to three times per year, depending upon financial resources.

In addition, the ministry´s evangelical parties have proven highly effective in attracting Copts (nominal Orthodox Christians) to hear the true gospel message.

Beginning as an outreach to Muslims and Copts in 2005, the ministry has continued to expand its outreach with help from Christian Aid. To date, these native missionaries have led more than a thousand Egyptians to Christ, taking care to provide solid discipleship to new believers. Dozens of home churches have formed each year since the ministry´s inception due to the consistent effort of these gospel workers to build God´s kingdom in Egypt.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for protection for the ministry workers and their families.
  • Pray for wisdom, guidance, and increased opportunities for the workers to share Christ with the lost in Egypt.
  • Pray for financial resources to cover the increasing costs of personal and ministry expenses in a country suffering from rampant inflation.

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