Pakistani Christian Family Pressurized by Police to Compromise Charges after Rape


Date:  2013-05-27

By Jeremy Reynalds
Senior Correspondent for ASSIST News Service

LAHORE, PAKISTAN (ANS) -- A Christian teen has reportedly been brutally raped by her family's landlord.

According to a news release from LEAD, a Christian relief and advocacy group, Fouzia Bibi, 15, a resident of Village Roday, District of Kasur, was a victim of the assault.

LEAD said she is the daughter of Malooka Masih,

LEAD said on the evening of Jan. 25 2013, Fouzia Bibi was bringing milk to the landlord from one of his nearby cattle areas. On the way, two Muslims armed with pistols, Sher Muhammad and Shabir, reportedly abducted her and imprisoned her in a room.

LEAD said the alleged assailants then raped and tortured her. No one could hear the girl's cries. She was left unconscious.

National Director LEAD Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill

On May 24, Malooka Masih called National Director LEAD Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill and told him he had been informed by a police officer that a bail hearing had been filed in Lahore's High Court for the alleged perpetrators of the rape.

LEAd said a cousin of Fouzia Bibi, Alam Ashiq, had been the only one helping Malooka Masih with the case. However, LEAD said, a few days ago the Muslims accused of the rape enlisted law enforcement cooperation from the City of Muridkey. 

That, LEAD said, resulted in Alam Ashiq being arrested for involvement in "a case" (more details not known), which was registered against unknown people about six months ago.

Now, LEAD said (using Alam Ashiq as a lever), law enforcement officials are pressuring the family to compromise on the charges so that bail can be granted to the alleged rapists.

LEAD Advocate Gill appeared before a deputy superintendent of police in Muridkey, and attempted to advocate for justice in the case.

He said it is a pretty common occurrence for com plainants to be pressurized by a variety of different tactics, including making them allegedly involved for unspecified crimes. That, Gill said, makes the possibility of "compromise" easier.

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