2013 June

Kachin Civilians in Burma Killed Despite Agreement to End Hostilities
Two Christians Wounded in Church Attack in Iraq; another Killed in Store Bombing
Question Marks over Religious Freedom in Post-Election Malaysia
India: Hindu nationalists harass villages for weeks, injure 4
Egypt: powder keg waiting for a spark
Aid in the Syrian Refugee Crisis
NIGERIA: Killing Spree Spurs Manhunt for Terrorists
TAJIKISTAN: Young Convert Suffers Severe Persecution
After Persecution for Faith, a Rare Religious Rights Success in Vietnam
Pakistan court throws out blasphemy charge against pastor
Algeria’s Protestants want their churches back
Egypt: pressure cooker ready to explode
Assault on Pastors' Meeting in India Shows Depth of Extremist Hostility
Gunmen Open Fire on Assyrian Iraq: Church in Baghdad, 2 Wounded
Syrian Christians caught in crossfire
Pray for Muslims
Religious freedom takes center stage in Europe
Somalia Militants Execute Christian Convert
BREAKING NEWS: Pakistan Militants Threaten To Kill Christian Lawyer
Eritrea Turned Into “Giant Prison” As President Celebrates 20th Anniversary
Russian Protestant Leader and Former Businessman under House Arrest
Thousands Flee As Nigeria Militants Kill Christians
C. African Republic religious leaders consider plan for country otherwise ‘likely to explode’
PAKISTAN: Christian Teenager Dies in Police Custody
NORTH KOREA: Christian Humanitarian Sentenced for "Hostile Acts"
INDIA: Christian Beheaded for Refusing to Renounce Faith
Islamic Extremists in Somalia Kill Christian
Iraqi MP: Syria collapse would endanger all Mideast Christians
Global Refugee Day: situation getting worse

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