2013 August

Fridays are dangerous in Egypt
VIETNAM: Praying Christians Brutally Assaulted by Police
Iran: Secretary Kerry's Reengagement on American Pastor Saeed Abedini's Case Welcomed
Viewpoint: A troubling call from Syria
Open Doors calls attention to Iraq
Iraq: Bombs, Bullying and Final Exams: the life of Christian students in Mosul
Tensions thicken; immediate future looks bleak for Syrians
Malaysia to explore the name of God
Unremarked tragedy creates new global outreach
Washington and the struggle regarding Boko Haram
Chinese House Church Leader Beaten and Threatened with Death
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin August 2013 Update -- prevailing in prayer for the persecuted church
American Anglicans increasing aid to Syrian refugees as airstrikes near
Muslim Mob Injures Church Leaders, Choir Members in Nigeria
Iran Rejects American Pastor Saeed Abedini's Appeal and Affirms Eight Year Prison Sentence
Court case hangs over Indonesian pastor
India: Survivors exist in slums, long for justice
God's Hand at Work in North Korea
Nigeria: Boko Haram Murders Children and Teachers in Three Northeastern States
Egypt: A Muslim cleric stirs up trouble
Report: 42 churches attacked in Egypt
Impunity Said to Abet Persecution of Christians in Nigeria
PHILIPPINES (Mindanao): Christian Villages Attacked
IRAN: Christian Female Incarceration Rate Increases
Hindu Extremists Attack Pastor's Mother in India
Italian priest still unaccounted for in Syria
Possible kidnapping of Ukrainian church member
Rumors of gas attack in Syria
Open Doors offers free resources for IDOP 2013
Egypt: Christians bracing for more attacks

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