2013 August

Egypt: Church attacks finally making international news
South African Church Charged By State with Teaching Parental Abuse
Egypt: a time to weep, mourn and pray
Bible Society Bookstores in Egypt Attacked and Destroyed
Islamic Extremists in Somalia Abduct Christian Mother of Two Young Children; Husband receives threatening text messages from kidnappers
Iran: Farshid Fathi Tells of His Agonies in a Letter from Prison
Coptic Pope Blasts Muslim Brotherhood, US and European Union
Another shocking piece of Pakistani 'justice' as court drops charges in Rimsha 'blasphemy' cleric case
Keep Victims of Religious Persecution in Prayers
Churches Raided in China as Shouwang Leaders Remain under House Arrest
What Really Happened in Egypt? A rewrite of many articles we read, plus our own input of the truth
Coptic Christians Targeted as Egypt Erupts
What caused Syria’s civil war?
Egypt unravels amid further chaos
Egypt declares national emergency
WEA asks for prayer for Egypt
Syria: Despite new threat, Gospel workers carry on
Christian Churches throughout Egypt Stormed, Torched
Christians Highly Unsafe in Central African Republic
Understanding the present situation in Egypt -- A SAT-7 CEO Commentary
Pray for the Most Persecuted Faith Group in the World – Christians
Nigeria: Weekend Attacks in North East Claim At Least 50 Lives
Kazakhstan: pastor victim of Soviet methods -- requesting urgent prayer for Pastor Kashkumbayev of Grace Church, Astana
Spectre of war not far off in Somalia
Children's camps raided, threatened in Uzbekistan
VBB seeks open doors in North Korea
Egyptian Christians harassed by Islamists
Pakistani Christians ensure police arrest key murder suspect
Nigeria: Boko Haram investigated for 'crimes against humanity'
Syria: Reverend missing; activists suspect kidnapping

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