2013 August

Iran: Pain Increasing for American Pastor Saeed Abedini
Three Iranian-Azeri Christians Arrested; Their Fate Unknown
State Tries to Take One Uzbekistan Children's Camp and Raids Another
IRAN: Christian Activist Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison
NIGERIA: Multiple Bomb Explosions Target Nigeria's Christian Population
Top pastor’s arrest adds to Christians’ concerns in Central African Republic
Vietnamese Christian electrocuted in prison
Spotlight on religious freedom chief highlights problems in Eritrea
Nigeria: Boko Haram under investigation for crimes against humanity
Yemen security threat heightened, Americans urged to leave
Algerians stage picnics in protest against ‘forced’ fasting
How many Christians are in the Middle East? Reliable numbers are elusive
Coptic Christian Girl Shot Dead in Egypt Threats, attacks continue as Christians are blamed for ouster of Morsi
Syrian Rebels Destroy Orthodox Church in Al-Thawrah
Uganda: Dream Turns Hate-Filled Muslim into Lover of Israel
Egypt: CSW Expresses Concern about Attacks against Christians As Coptic Pope Cancels Public Sermons
Algeria Slow in Ruling on Convert's Appeal of Prison Sentence
Syria: terror and siege in the north -- Christians needing a multitude of little miracles daily
'Mugabe Steals Another Election,' says well-known investigative journalist
Pakistan: Will the former UK MP's governorship in Punjab herald hope for minorities?
Iranian Christian Activist Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison
Missing Clergymen Reflect Dangers for Christians in Syria
Syrian Rebels to Assyrian Christian refugees: 'If you want to come back, convert to Islam, or you will be killed'
Chinese house church leader Samuel Lamb dies
Christian Nurse Says Minorities 'Not Safe in Pakistan'
India: Anti-conversion may get stricter
Extremists threaten Syrian church giving aid
Uzbekistan: Violent Police Assault on Protestant
Iran: Saeed Abedini's Attorney Speaks About the Uncertainty of His Client's Situation
KAZAKHSTAN: Pastor Detained Despite Insufficient Evidence

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