Iraq: Bombs, Bullying and Final Exams: the life of Christian students in Mosul


Date:              August 28, 2013


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Even with violence increasing in their nation, Iraqi students are still expected to study. (Image courtesy Open Doors)

Iraq (MNN/ODM) ― In Mosul, one of the most dangerous cities in the world, kidnappings, bombings and targeted violence against Christians are reported frequently. These threats make it difficult to go from one place to another.

In the midst of this chaos and insecurity, Open Doors USA says hundreds of Christian students find their way to their university every day. Yusuf* says he’s praying "a hundred times" for safety. A few months ago, bombs exploded at his college.

“Where is the safety?” he asks. “Where are those who should protect us?”

In periods of increased violence, concentrating for exams isn’t easy.

“When the situation is very tense in the city, we still have to study," shares Malik, another Christian student. "It has a negative influence on our grades, but the exams are not deferred.”

Within the university, the atmosphere isn’t much better. Christians are being bullied and discriminated against because of their faith. Female students receive comments and threats about not wearing a headscarf.

Church elders of a village in Mosul were warned not to send girls to university; other female students were attacked because they weren’t wearing a veil.

“We just wish these years will pass fast,” says Kalam.

Sadly, it is not just the students that are giving their Christians peers a hard time.

“Teachers are saying bad things about Christianity in their lessons and participate in the discrimination and bullying also," explains Kalam.

Pray for Christian students in Mosul. Pray that they will be able to overcome the violence surrounding them. Ask the Lord to give them peace.

*The names of the people quoted in this article have been changed for security reasons.

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