2013 September

Pakistani church bombing kills 81. Pray!
Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood banned; good news for Christians?
Nightmare siege in Kenya
Pakistan: Suicide bombers leave more than 80 dead, 100+ wounded
U.S. House OKs religious liberty envoy
Colombian Christian leader accused of FARC affiliation
Church planter too successful in India
Kashkumbayev reportedly transferred to pre-trial prison
Chaos in the Philippines disrupts outreach
Chinese House Church Leader Abducted and Beaten
Pakistani Church Bombing Killing 81 Prompts Global Call to Prayer from Christians and Muslims
Imprisoned Pastor's Wife Speaks to Iranian President; Hand-Delivers Letter
Islamic Extremist Violence Persists in Iraq, Nigeria – and Kenya?
Islamic Extremists Bomb Church in Pakistan, Attack Shopping Mall in Kenya
Pakistan Church Blast Kills Dozens
Kazakh pastor told to wait another month in prison
Sudanese Woman Faces Ordeal as Convert from Islam Long before current crackdown in Sudan, society punished "'apostates"
The Nightmare Continues: Humanitarian crisis is officially declared in Philippine City
At Least 160 Dead in Nigeria this Week in Terrorist Related Violence
Milestone for U.S. Pastor Jailed in Iran
Iran: Nearly a dozen captives freed; prayer needed for those who remain
Islamic scholars issue fatwa against al-Shabaab
Ministry intercedes in Philippines
Interfaith conflict threatens to engulf Central African Republic
Believers shrinking in numbers in Syria
Burma: VBB shares details of a recent attack
Laos: 'Recant your faith or get out'
Tribal violence in Nigeria on the rise
China: Building the kingdom of God one Bible at a time
Afghanistan: Authorities call for the death of Muslim-background believers

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