2013 September

Islamists tell Egyptian Christians 'Convert, go broke, or die'
Pakistani Muslim Cites 'Blasphemy' in Slaughter of Christian Rival in Business
Iran: Two Christians among Eleven Prisoners of Conscience Released From Jail
Ministries Press On as Philippines Standoff Continues
Acid Attack on Catholic Priest Part of "A Series of Assaults on Churches and Church Leaders" in Zanzibar
Fifty Christians Face Eviction in Laos
Egypt's sad reality--the context of the present crisis
EGYPT: Grass roots radicalization introduces a whole new dimension into cycle of violence
Turkmenistan: "If You Adopt Their Faith, I'll Tear Off Your Head"
Egypt: settling into a deadly cycle -- a call to pray for the Church in Egypt
Assassins of Pakistani Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti Confess
Imprisoned American Pastor Makes Direct Appeal to Iranian President
AFGHANISTAN: MP Seeks Execution of Afghan Christian Converts
Vietnamese police crush protests against Catholics’ imprisonment
Christians flee Pakistani village after pastor accused of blasphemy
Christian radio is impacting the Syrian crisis
Rebel violence spreading in the Phillippines
Fighting spreads in Zamboanga, Philippines
India: The convicted face 'life in prison' or 'death by hanging'
Arson a 'small price to pay' for Egyptian pastor
American silence on Syrian plight fuels antipathy
Algeria: Swift Trial of Moroccan Christian at Odds with Country's Moderate Face
Two Christians Murdered in Egypt for Refusing to Pay Muslim Poll Tax
UZBEKISTAN: Religious books "only allowed to be read within registered religious communities' buildings"
Southeast Asia: Persistence through Persecution
Stark dilemma for Christians in Syria, former ambassador says
Christian Widows in India Beaten for Refusing to 'Reconvert' to Hinduism
Humanitarian assistance needed for children caught in armed conflict
Persecution at unprecedented levels and intercessory prayer is integral to the spiritual battle.
Syria: Islamic onslaught, Christian village takeover

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