2013 September

Iraq: 'It's uncomfortable to think that people are dying for their faith'
Philippines: Christian radio staff okay following Islamist attacks
Vietnam Inflicts Massive Official Force on Catholic Demonstrators
A Catholic priest and a pastor are among the ‘hostages’ in a standoff with government forces in Southern Philippines city
Christian Mother Killed, Boy Kidnapped in Somalia
India: Christian woman raped and murdered in Madhya Pradesh
Christians asked to pray for Syria
Pastor taken hostage in Philippines rebel attack
Moroccan Christian jailed for evangelising
Overcoming persecution with the Egyptian church
Peril worsening for Egyptian Christians
Campaign launched to free Pakistan mother on death row 'for drinking water'
Religious Repression Carries on Unabated in Turkmenistan
Afghani Member of Parliament: "Execute Afghan Christian Converts."
Human Rights Group Says Up to 20,000 North Korean Prison Camp Inmates Have "Disappeared"
Armed Muslims in Nigeria Kill Christians in their Homes
Maldives elections unlikely to improve religious freedom
Sudan Christians to be mass evacuated
Persecution on the upswing: do we care?
CHINA: House Church Pastor Attacked by Government Agents
NIGERIA: Minor Provocation Incites Muslim Mob to Attack Church
EGYPT: Worst Violent Onslaught Against Christians in Centuries
Persecution more intense in Pakistan than previously reported
Burma: Release of child soldiers and new campaign a sign of progress
Evening prayer raided by Eritrean authorities
Christian refugees and the case of Rabeel from Pakistan -- Pakistani Christian refugee requires urgent prayer
Kazakhstan: SGA sounds alarm bells over accusations of insanity
Kazkhstan: Christian CDs lead to government fines
Syrian refugees top 2 million as U.S. mulls military action
Dozens of ‘noisy’ churches silenced in Cameroon

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