Southeast Asia: Persistence through Persecution


Date:  2013-09-12

Gospel for Asia
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CARROLLTON, TX (ANS) -- Gospel for Asia pastor Nateshwar has one goal in the village where he ministers-to share the Good News of Jesus. Sometimes people respond with genuine interest in what he has to say, but often he is met with hostility and accusations of attempting to create disunity within the community.

Some men and women have even been looking for an opportunity to chase him out of the village. However people respond to him, though, Pastor Nateshwar presses on and continues in his mission to share the love of Christ.

Alcoholic Neighbor Is Hostile to Pastor

Persistance pays off in his life

Nateshwar's heart was burdened for his neighbor, Miten, who was short-tempered, arrogant and stubborn and who believed there was no God apart from the gods and goddesses of the traditional Asian religion he practiced.

When he was sober, Miten was relatively hospitable to the pastor. Unfortunately, Miten was often drunk and therefore angry with anyone who crossed his path. He would beat his wife for insignificant reasons and had no interest in listening to Pastor Nateshwar's advice to seek the Lord and change the way he treated his wife.

"The Christians have misled you. Don't you have any dignity that you forsake your own god and goddesses just for money?" Miten said to the pastor. "You should be proud of your ancestor gods rather than acting very cheap." Still, Miten's false allegations against the pastor did not keep Nateshwar away.

On one particular night when Pastor Nateshwar visited the man's home, Miten happened to be sober. Nateshwar took the opportunity to gently encourage the man once again to change his ways. Miten became irritated and did not want to listen to the pastor.

"If you are not willing to listen to me then it is up to you," Pastor Nateshwar responded. "But let me just pray for you and your family." After the prayer, the genuine care of the pastor surprised Miten that night. He apologized to Nateshwar for saying and doing hateful things toward him in the past.

"You are truly a man of God," Miten said. "I am so blessed to have known you, and I am so thankful to you for your concern about my well-being."

Man's Daughter Suffers Illness, Pastor Prays

It was only a few days after the special time of prayer that Miten's 3-year-old daughter became very sick. Miten and his wife gave their daughter medicine, but it did not help. Miten thought of Pastor Nateshwar's recent prayer, and asked him to pray for his daughter to be healed.

After Pastor Nateshwar prayed over the little girl, he headed back to his house. A few minutes after he got home, Miten and his wife showed up at his door. Miten cried with joy as he explained to Nateshwar that God had already healed his daughter!

Miten and his wife spent time with Pastor Nateshwar reading God's Word together and thanking Jesus for the wonderful things He had done. Miten's heart was changed, and he and his family trusted in Christ.

After becoming a Christian, Miten began facing the same kind of opposition Pastor Nateshwar has been enduring. Miten, like Nateshwar, has stood firm even in the face of mockery from his friends and neighbors.

"I know what the Lord has done for a wretched person like me," Miten tells his opposing neighbors. "I know in whom I believe, and Jesus is truly worth believing and worshiping."

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