2013 November

BREAKING NEWS: China Police Raid Beijing House Churches; Bibles Confiscated
NEWS ALERT: Christians Among 80 Executed In North Korea, Source Says
Convert from Islam Flees Iranian Authorities' Torture, Threats
Central African Republic (CAR): Genocide Looms -- a call to pray for God's intervention in CAR
Pastor Saeed Abedini Alive But Still Held in Deadly Iranian Prison as Iranian Family Allowed Visitation
Nepal: Vision Beyond Borders is building a safe house, offering women a chance to escape desperate conditions
Syria needs help
Ban Ki-moon warns Central African Republic ‘spiralling into anarchy’
Book review: 'The Global War on Christians'
Elections in Nepal cause for concern
French priest 'kidnapped' by Nigeria’s Boko Haram in Cameroon
South Asia: New believers persecuted for faith
Nigeria: VOM Canada will keep caring for the persecuted, no matter what
Nigeria: Will it change anything?
Religious Freedom Advocate Flees Sudan
Hungary’s Ruling Fidesz Party Condemns Book Burning
Cameroon Says Nigeria’s Boko Haram Kidnapped Priest
Iran: Christian Convert's Critical Health Condition Prompts Temporary Transfer to Hospital
BREAKING NEWS: China Detains Prominent Pastor, Sisters After Party Meeting (UPDATE)
Bible Drop: Christian Group Takes to Sky to Sneak Gospel into North Korea
Muslim UK official says Christians must be defended
Turkish pastor arrested on human trafficking accusations
Christians face extinction in Middle East, warns UK Minister
All eyes on Sri Lanka as Commonwealth summit begins
Despite Settlement, 'Blasphemy' Charge Sought against Christian in Pakistan
Two Small Children among Four Christians Slain in Plateau State, Nigeria
LAOS: Believers Falsely Accused for Villagers' Deaths
SYRIA: Christians Massacred in Rebel Attack
Christian Shot Dead in Mogadishu, Somalia
Number of Christian martyrs continues to cause debate

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