2014 January

Kiev Christians Pray amid Reports of Torture
Ukraine Churches Seek Peace and Reconciliation
Hindu Extremists Accused of Killing Pastor in Andhra Pradesh, India
Pastor and Son Killed in Central African Republic as Religious Leaders Try to Keep Peace
Rebels Kill Central African Republic Pastor and Son
NEWS ALERT: Iran Frees Two Key Christian Prisoners, But Church Closed
Beauty from Ashes: Thousands of Syrians are Coming to Christ Reports Middle East Ministries Assisted by U.S. Non-Profit Christian Aid Mission
Prayer Requested for Missionary Pastors Conference and Ukraine Violence
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin January 2014 Update -- be engaged in the spiritual battle
Boko Haram Suspected in Bomb Attack on Catholic Church Service in Nigeria
Cuba Detains Baptist Pastor Ahead Of Summit
Rebels Attack South Sudan Churches, Priests
NEWS ALERT: Nigeria Church Attack, Violence, Kill 100 (UPDATE)
Global Minorities Alliance condemns death sentence given to Pakistan blasphemy accused
BREAKING NEWS: Nigeria Church Attack Kills 22; More Unrest Reported
Egypt Christians In Crossfire After Clashes Kill Dozens (UPDATE)
Ukrainian Christian leader calls for urgent 'prayer and fasting' as anti-government protests 'spread' into Russia-influenced east
Wife of Imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini Will Not Demonstrate and Risk Arrest
Muslim Extremists Attack Visiting Preacher on Tanzania's Zanzibar Island
South Sudan, rebels, and a ceasefire
Ministry in Ukraine issues Urgent call to prayer
IRAN: Remembering Those in Bonds
INDIA: Christians Targeted in Violent Attacks
SUDAN & SOUTH SUDAN: Helping Christians in the Midst of Violence
‘Martyred’ Iranian pastor remembered 20 years on
Buddhist nationalists terrorize Christians in Sri Lanka
Iran: National church shutdown underway
Convert in Algeria Risks Losing Wife, Daughter
Ukraine Christians Pray As Clashes Kill 3
Sri Lanka: Buddhist nationalists attack churches in south and west -- praying for an end to impunity

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