2014 April

Ukraine crisis not the sole focus of SGA
Advocacy Group Blasts Pakistani Politician's Request for Checks on Country's Controversial Blasphemy Laws
Asia Bibi Appeal Hearing Delayed Again; She's Been Jailed Since 2009
Nigeria: Easter Attacks Have Begun: Bomb Blast in Abuja Leaves Many Traveling Christians Dead
Easter a time of celebration, danger
Nigeria Christians Mourn Hundreds Killed By Islamic Militants, Many Kidnapped
Pakistan Christian Killed For Refusing Islam Conversion
Muslim in Uganda Kills Daughter for Leaving Islam
Family of Christian Shot Dead in Pakistan Doubts Suicide Claim
Turkey: Remembrance Service for Malatya Martyrs
Sierra Leone: Ensuring justice for the victims of rebel war crimes
Former Soviet nations monitor Ukraine crisis
Algeria’s potential ‘Arab Spring’
Prime Minister David Cameron to Raise Blasphemy Laws with Pakistan President
Kidnapping, murder, chaos reign in Nigeria
Islamic Extremists in Nigeria Abduct High School Girls in Christian Town
More than 70 Killed in Bus Bombing in Abuja, Nigeria
Anti-Ukrainian propaganda and terrorism allegations
Authorities in Vietnam Incite Villagers to Attack Christian Converts Ethnic minorities targeted in rural areas.
Field Director shares details from Middle East ministry
Afghanistan elections: Round 2 expected to take place in May
First week of 2014 India elections comes to an end
Nigerian senator: '135 civilians killed' in attacks
BREAKING NEWS: Pakistan Appeals Court May Uphold Christian Woman’s Death Sentence
Christians Killed in Egypt Reflect Growing Hatred in Segments of Society Coptic teacher in Minya Province, woman in Cairo latest victims of vitriol
Two Pastors in Bhutan Jailed without Charges Interior minister cites 'proselytizing,' but police find no evidence.
TURKMENISTAN: Follower of Jesus Endures Detention for His Faith
IRAN: Prison Sentences Upheld for Six Believers
CHINA: Detained Christian Leads Fellow Prisoners to Christ

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