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Coming from mosque service, Muslims kill Christians: Common pattern in Egypt


Date:  2014-04-05

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

CAIRO, EGYPT (ANS) -- According to Dr. Ashraf Ramelah, founder and president of Voice of the Copts, a human rights nonprofit organization, Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood (MB) "may be officially and legally designated a terrorist organization and lawfully hunted down, but as of yet the MB is busy with business as usual in Cairo.

Miada Ashraf, who was killed

"Egypt's national newspaper, Al Fagar, reported the most recent incident of MB hoodlums murdering Christians."

He said that on Friday afternoon, March 28, the entrance of Virgin and Archangel Michael Coptic Church in the Cairo suburb of Ein-Shams filled with bloodshed when Muslims returning from noon prayer in the mosque headed to the church to cause trouble.

"As a consequence, 18 people were rushed to hospitals in the Egyptian capitol. Five are now dead," he said. "An eyewitness who contacted the office of Voice of the Copts said he saw unarmed citizens trying to prevent an attack upon the church by confronting a mob in the street armed with iron sticks, wooden clubs, swords, knives, and guns. According to the Al Fagar report, Priest Yohanna Fouad contacted law enforcement and the fire department which responded promptly."

Women victims

Dr. Ashraf Ramelah

Ramelah said that twenty-five year-old Mary George was wearing a cross and not a head scarf (hijab). Witnesses say she was killed for that reason alone, a sign of her faith. Miada Ashraf, a 21 year-old journalist and reporter on the scene for Al Destornewspaper was killed by gunshot to the head. In earlier attempts to sway the media away from accurate reporting, Miada was twice kidnapped by the MB and released both times after mediation by authorities.

Another dangerous pattern

He went on to say, "As always, condemnation by international bodies of such terrorist acts is non-existent. Shall we regard silence as respect for Egypt's sovereignty, and, if so, how shall we view the recent international cries of concern for Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood members receiving guilty verdicts and death sentences? 'Unfairness' for Muslim Brotherhood's 'statesmen' and street thugs prompted international objections and questions about Egypt's justice system.

Signs in a Cairo street three years ago

"Leaders speaking out against 'unjust' treatment of the Muslim Brotherhood are joined by a vocal grassroots around the world attached to Islamist views.

"Originally international spokespersons and their initial media coverage gave fearful warnings against Egypt's military and its backing of the freedom movement removing Brotherhood-backed Muhammed Morsi from office in the face of a devastating alternative."

Ashraf Ramelah stated that "spokespersons are joined by threatening sentiments" expressed in messages like this one below sent to Voice of the Copts regarding Egypt's status:

"Muslim Brotherhood is not an organization. It is a mentality. Abdul Fattahal Sisi and his goons cannot stop this flow. Even from India, this mentality will come against this brutal militia.

"Coptic Christians don't be the B Team of Fabricated False State of Israel. Ashraf Ramelah you should stop this third class pimping work urgently. Otherwise you will create a bad name on behalf of Christianity, especially Coptic Christianity .

"You people cannot stop this emerging flow of worldwide Islamists. If Muslim brotherhood is not enough we the Indian Islamists will come to Egypt and wipe out all the goons of Military. You understand it. You better understand it."

Note: Copts are by far the largest Christian community in the Middle East. Ninety-five percent of Copts in Egypt are Orthodox and the remaining population is divided between Catholic and Protestant denominations. Copts living in Egypt represent between 15-20% of the total population of Egypt today.

Note: Voice of the Copts is a non-profit 501©3 educating the public in the history, background and current events of Islamic persecution of Egyptian Christians. For more information, please visit

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