Turkey: Remembrance Service for Malatya Martyrs

Source:           www.persecution.net

Date:              April 17, 2014


This Good Friday, April 18th, Christians in Turkey will be holding a special remembrance service for the seventh anniversary of three Christians -- Necati Aydin, Ugur Yuksel and Tilmann Geske -- who were brutally killed in Malatya at a Bible publishing house in April of 2007. These three martyrs lived their lives faithfully for Jesus, and were willing to follow Him regardless of the cost. While we can certainly rejoice that through Christ's death and resurrection they are now fully alive in eternity with Him, please do pray for their grieving friends and family during this time of remembrance. (For more information on these three heroes of the faith, please visit our website at www.persecution.net/tr-2014-03-20.htm.)

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