2014 August

British Islamic State Terrorist Threatens to "Come Home"
‘Future of Church in NE Nigeria also threatened’ says Chibok leader
Middle East: Media fueling terror threats
LAOS: Christians Pronounced Not Guilty, Yet Remain Detained
IRAQ (Kurdistan Region): Reaching Out to Refugees Fleeing Militants
Pope Francis Korea Visit Highlights Christian Persecution
NEWS ALERT: Islamic State Militants Rape Detained Christians For Refusing To Convert
Worldwide Baptist Group Sends Funds to Aid Displaced Christians in Iraq
Heartbroken mom of 3-year-old abducted by ISIS describes her daughter’s capture, pleads for help
Woman in Yemen Burned to Death for Her Faith
1400 children raped and trafficked in British town by men of Pakistani Muslim heritage
Iraqi refugees: a first-hand account
Voice of the Martyrs shares thoughts on kids, reality, and the Gospel
Nigeria: Creating caliphate: Boko Haram
Iraq: Ministry seeks long-term strategy, refugees face increasing danger, and brave Muslims speak out
Good news for religious freedom in Greece
Palestinian Church Forced Out of Building in East Jerusalem, Israel
‘China Removes Church Crosses In Crackdown’; 5 Injured
Twice as many British Muslims Fighting for ISIS than in UK Armed Forces
Nigeria: Terror group who kidnapped schoolgirls also beheaded six-year-old Christian boy
Philippines: A Long Process Still Ahead for Victims of Typhoon Yolanda
Following on from the actions of the Islamic State (IS) terror group in Iraq and Syria, Nigeria's jihadis have now declared an 'Islamic caliphate' in Northern Nigeria
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin: August 2014 Update -- upholding the persecuted
ISIS abducts three-year-old from fleeing Christian family
British jihadists known as ‘The Beatles’ are prime suspects in beheading of journalist James Foley
Iraq: Islamic State (IS) Loots Assyrian Homes, Vandalizes Churches in Mosul
UK close to identifying jihadist who murdered the American Christian photojournalist, James Foley
Ukraine Christians Mourn Killed Church Workers Amid Crackdown
Assyrian Christian Woman Returns to Mosul, is Expelled Again by Islamic State
Iraq: ‘One week’ deadlines for Iraqi Christians to convert or ‘face the sword’

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