COLOMBIA: Pastor's Wife Killed by Guerrillas


Date:                    August 7, 2014


Source: VOM USA

The wife of a pastor who serves in one of Colombia's "red zones" was shot to death recently by FARC guerrillas.

One night at around 9:30 p.m., after the family of Pastor James and his wife had gone to bed, two men on a motorcycle stopped by the home. The men lured the pastor outside by asking him to help them fix their motorcycle. When the pastor went to take a look at the vehicle, he heard men behind him ask his wife her name. When she replied, they shot her twice at point-blank range.

Pastor James and his family were the only Christians in their village, and his wife was very active in sharing Christ with everyone she met. The pastor and his four daughters are now being cared for by a VOM contact in another city as they mourn the unexpected loss of their greatly missed wife and mother.

Please bring this heartbreaking situation to our loving Heavenly Father in prayer, asking Him to grant His peace to those who are grieving. May He provide safety and shelter for this family as they mourn, shielding each one of them from further attack. Please intercede on behalf of the gunmen, praying that they will heed the conviction of the Holy Spirit and repent of their sins so they may also become bold disciples of Jesus Christ. In addition, remember in prayer the other brave men and women who are ministering in dangerous areas of Colombia, that God would grant them wisdom and endurance as they serve Him at great personal risk.

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