Iraq: Christian Family of 8 Brutally Murdered by ISIS


Date:  2014-08-07

Yesterday, news of another Christian family murdered in Iraq made headlines. The family of eight were shot in the face and left with their Bible open on the couch. Christians and minorities in Iraq are being slaughtered by the militant Islamic group, ISIS. Around 40,000 Christians and minorities been driven out of the northwestern town of Sinjar and into the mountains where they are facing starvation and dehydration. ISIS has also seized control of Iraq’s largest Christian city, Qaraqoush.

Today, the Obama Administration called the situation a “humanitarian catastrophe” and announced that they are currently deciding what actions to take to stop this genocide in Iraq. The administration said that they are looking at options ranging from military strikes to delivery of humanitarian aid for the minorities.


Pray for God to intervene and protect the Iraqi Christians and then contact our the White House and the US state department and urge them to do the right thing and demand the Iraqi government protect all religious minorities.

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