2014 September

Christian, Hindu in Custody in Pakistan on Accusation of Defiling Koran
Leading The Way Issues Urgent Call to Prayer and Action for Iraq
Cameroon’s churches struggle to cope with Boko Haram spillover
An old story under India's new government
Iraq: last Christians to leave Bartella
Believers deal with invisible scars of war in Nigeria
Chinese human rights lawyer, Gao Zhisheng, is free from prison but is seriously ill from ‘torture‘
Bible College, Churches Shut Down as Boko Haram Claims Territory in NE Nigeria
Al Qaeda makes a bid for India
Will Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi finally get justice and her freedom?
More Evangelicals Facing Death Penalty In Iran
India: persecution, poverty and inequity -- a call to pray for the Church in India
Iranian Pastor Faces 18 New Charges
US Asks N. Korea to Release Three Americans Out of 'Humanitarian Concern,' at Least One is a Christian Believer
ISIS selling Yazidi and Assyrian Christian women “as spoils of war”
IRAN: Pray for Christians Imprisoned for their Faith
CHINA: Pastor Loses Appeal, Family Members Forced to Flee Country
Syria, Lebanon: Evangelical union issues ‘urgent appeal’ to help Iraq’s Christians
US: College campuses resemble closed countries
IS leaflets spread in Pakistan; 1200 Christians displaced as army attacked militants
Iran Evangelical Pastor Facing Death Penalty
Sudan Shutters 500-Member Church in Khartoum Christian from Uganda ordered to leave country.
Pakistan protests put Christians on the line
Militants in Somalia grow stronger under cover of failed state chaos
New hope against backdrop of terrorism in Kenya
Islamists want to ‘wipe out’ Christian presence in northern Mali
Middle East: Amid ISIS terror, spiritual questions asked
Libya: Four Egyptian Christians reportedly kidnapped
Thousands of Refugees Apply for New Passports in Northern Iraq
Iranian Authorities Raid House Church in Tehran; Arrest Two

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