2014 November

Christians in India Beaten Nearly Unconscious in Latest of Several Attacks
Nigeria: Northern Christians accuse government of neglect as Boko Haram continue its killing spree
Deliver us from evil; the question of persecution
Lebanon: New ISIS video reveals chilling future plans
Uzbekistan: New Testaments Destroyed, Planted Evidence and Witnesses, Large Fines Handed Out
Eldest son of Pakistani Christians, Shahzad and Shama, witnessed the horrendous murder of his parents
NEWS ALERT: European Parliament Demands Withdrawal Pakistan Blasphemy Laws
VIETNAM: Bible College Attacked for Seventh Time
INDIA: Christians Beaten and Arrested by Hindu Radicals
Asia Bibi's Final Chance to Escape the Noose
Bangladesh: Hundreds of extremist Islamists attacked a Christian school
Lebanon: Child soldiers fighting for the Islamic State
Bhutanese pastor waits
Christian Tortured to Death in Pakistan on False Charges, Relatives Say
Christians Injured In India Church Attack
Colombian Activists Raise Religious Freedom Concerns With US Policymakers
Lawyer for Three Iranian Christians Denied Access Prior to Second Trial
'Kidnapping,' forced conversion and collective punishment haunt Egypt's Copts
Turkey plans new global Islamic university
Peace prize awarded to Central African Republic top clerics
Lesson from the Middle East church
Syria, Iraq: IS gains resources through violence
Ongoing lack of state protection for Egyptian Christians
Iraq: Brute force from ISIS could backfire
Police in Sudan Arrest Church Leaders for Refusing to Surrender Worship Property
Two Pastors in Bangladesh Face Charges for Proclaiming Christ to Muslims
Pakistani Christian on Death Row Thanks Paris for Support
UN General Assembly Passes Resolution Condeming North Korean Atrocities
BREAKING NEWS: Islamists Kill 28 Christians In Kenya
Ancient prophecy drives ISIS battlefield choices, enslavement of women

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