2014 December

US: Newsweek targets Christians
International: Ministries work together to help persecuted Christians
ANALYSIS: Hindu nationalism targets not only religious freedom, but India's constitution, too
India: BJP advances unhindered
Middle East: ISIS violence backfires despite growth
The Slaughter Of the Innocents
African Shamans in Uganda Injure Christians, Damage Church Building
Egypt Christians Murdered In Libya
Outrage Over Murder Priest In Mexico
Jailed Evangelical ‘Free In Christ’ In Iran
Islamic State will conquer Europe, militants tell embedded German journalist
Displaced Iraqi Christians Ponder an Iraq without Christians
Muslim Fulani Gunmen in Nigeria Kill Infant among 15 Christians Slain in Two Attacks
South Sudanese Pastor Jailed after Preaching at Church in North Khartoum, Sudan
In Malaysia, Christmas decried as ‘ploy’ to lead Muslims astray
Pakistani Christian couple 'still alive' when thrown into kiln - coroner
India Hindu leaders turn up 'reconversion' rhetoric
International: 2014 sets persecution record
Indonesia: What would you risk to talk about Jesus?
Still No Christmas in Laos: State Sponsored Persecution Directed Against Lao Hmong Believers, Political Dissidents Increases
Turkey: Suspected Arsonist Sought in Fire at Bible Distribution Center in Istanbul
Christmas Season Brings Christianity under Renewed Attack in India
Bereaved Israeli and Palestinian parents work together for reconciliation
Despite The Horror, Syrian and Iraqi Christian Refugee Children (And Their Parents) Experience Christmas
Turkey: Iraqi Yezidi couple flees ISIS to freedom
Colombia: Grieving wife forgives despite tragic loss
Iraq's Ministry of Human Rights Claims Isis Executes Scores of Women for Refusing to Marry Militants
US Congress Urges Egypt To Free Coptic Christian; Fate Others Uncertain
Nigeria Christians Plunged Into Uncertainty As Boko Haram Kills Dozens, Kidnaps 200
NEWS WATCH: Ukraine foils Russian-backed terror plot

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