2015 January

Bureaucratic delays put Egyptian convert's appeal at risk
Malaysia, Christians, and Allah
Recent violence in Niger shows growing intolerance among religious groups
Burma nears end of difficult month
In Nigeria, Remembrance of the Holocaust
Charlie Hebdo Protestors Ransack Christian School in Pakistan, Demand Closure
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 294
Saudi Arabia, the US, and Middle East stability
Slain Ministry Leader in Nigeria Mourned as Dedicated Servant to the Poor
Jailed Bhutan Pastors Released On Bail; Some Charges Dropped
Libyan militants hold 20 Egyptian Christians hostage
India: Ahead of Obama's visit, India's Christians start hotline on Hindu harassment
Violence in Niger weighed as question of another eruption looms
Kidnapped CAR Cleric & French aid worker released
Burma: Tragedy strikes Kachin community
Bangladesh: Chakma Christians not wanted
US: President Obama meets wife of Pastor Saeed Abedini
Minority Rules – Is It Too Late For Indonesia? (Column)
Christian Girls, Women, Attacked In Pakistan
Vietnam Pastors Survive Attack; Recovering Of Injuries
Faith of Christians in Niger Grows Stronger in Face of Unprecedented Violence
PAKISTAN: Sharp Rise in Attacks on Christian Girls and Women
VIETNAM: Pastors Violently Attacked in Broad Daylight
Accused perpetrators released in Malatya murder trial
Who is in control of Yemen?
Pope Prays As Niger Violence Kills 15, Destroys 70 Churches
Bhutanese Pastor Tandin Wangyal freed from jail
Two clerics and French aid worker kidnapped in CAR
Sudan Detains Second Pastor Amid Crackdown
Christian Aid Workers Kidnapped In Central African Republic

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