2015 February

Iranian pastor released from prison but others arrested same day remain
Syria: ISIS attacks, scores of Christians held hostage
Egypt: response to ISIS
Colombia: Among the FARC, a growing Christian presence
72 Assyrian Christian families captured, 50 besieged by IS after Syria attack
Somalia: Al-Shabaab threats: a concern for Christians?
ISIS takes Christians hostage in Syria
Islamic Extremists in Sub-Saharan Africa Pursue Convert from Islam Who Fled Egypt
U.S. Evangelist Wins Five5-Year Battle for Residency in Turkey
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 298
IS invades 35 Assyrian towns in Syria
Indian priest kidnapped in Afghanistan released after eight months
After ‘Charlie’: latest incident of Pakistani Christians targeted by Muslim anger
BREAKING NEWS: Islamic State Kidnaps 90 Christians in Syria
Burma Christian Women Killed For Preaching Christ
Cuba Detains Son of Devoted Pastor
Columbia Court Frees American Missionary
What will stop ISIS
Egypt: Believers pray for comfort, pray for killers
Colombia: Missionary Russell Stendal jailed on false charges
Myanmar: displaced Christians, Red Cross violence, state of emergency
Hindu Extremists Strive to Mortify, Malign Christians in Jharkhand State, India
Shooting of witness threatens trial of Coptic Christian's murderers
More terror, more horror: more Truth
ISIS getting closer to Christian refugees in Iraq
Ukraine withdrawal shocks nation
Court in Laos Fines, Sentences Pastors to Prison for Praying for Sick Woman Who Died
India’s Modi breaks silence on protecting minorities, but urged to ‘walk the talk’
Fears growing for two South Sudan pastors held by Sudan intelligence
Egypt in mourning over brutal Christian executions

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