2015 March

Christians in Haryana, India Hit with Beatings, Official Opposition, Discrimination
Former Jailed Widow Evangelist Dies In India
Ukraine Evangelicals “Persecuted, Killed” In Crimea
Commission Demands Pakistan Crackdown On Militants After Suicide Blasts
Putting a Face to Suffering (Column)
UKRAINE: Religious Freedom Under Threat
INDIA: Faithful Widow's Life Counts for Eternity
TURKMENISTAN: Christian Leader Fined Following Police Raid
Assyrian Christians flee jihadists to southeast Turkey
ISIS, kids, and Indonesia
Nigeria: The man who talks to Boko Haram
Pakistan: Whether for show or for hope, Asia Bibi offered honorary citizenship
Nigeria shut down ahead of election
Nigeria: 'Are you ready to renounce your Christian faith?'
India: In India, religious freedom in tatters
Pastor in South Sudan Jailed, Lashed after Radical Muslims Threaten Him
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 302 | Wed 25 Mar 2015
Islamic State activates operation in Pakistan
Tunisia: ISIS expands footprint; more violence
Is anyone protecting Pakistani minorities?
Delhi protest marks 300 days of BJP in India
Boko Haram headlines hide persecution of Christians in mid-Nigeria
Incidents against Christians in India Jump 55 Percent Under Modi, EFI Figures Show
Five Christians Killed, One Critically Wounded, by Islamic Extremists in Kenya
Rape of Elderly Nun in India Premeditated, Police Report Indicates
Pakistan shows double-standard
ISIS threats in Libya ever increasing
Pakistan: Death penalty ban lifted, Christians sense trouble
Iraq: The ISIS crisis never ceases
Christians in Pakistan call for action amid funerals

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